8/31 | 50 Sewing Patterns for Beginners

Who is ready for a boatload of Sewing Projects for Beginners? I remember when I first started to sew that I searched high and low for easy beginner sewing patterns that I could actually make. Like most beginner sewists, I was easily intimidated so complicated or advanced sewing projects were out of the question. Even now that I have more sewing skills and confidence, I still love simple sewing patterns for beginners because they are way more mindless. There are a bunch of easy sewing projects on this list that I have actually made tons of, they are like my go-tos when I need a quick gift or just have a little bit of time to spend with my sewing machine. Not only are these great patterns for beginner sewists, they also are perfect sewing patterns for kids. You’ll love how cute and easy these sewing projects are to whip up! So many brownie points to anyone who makes all 50sewing patterns for beginners! Actually- if you do, send me an email and I’ll hook you up with something better than brownie points! LOL Happy Sewing!

1.) Lined Zipper Pouch 

2.) Sew and Stencil Your Own Pillows

3.) Easy Zippered Makeup Bag

4.) Bow Pillow

5.) DIY Cactus Sunglass Case 

6.) DIY Sling Bag

7.) DIY Headbands (3 Different Ways) 

8.) Fabric Storage Bins

9.) DIY Hashtag Pillow

10.) Makeup Brush Roll 

11.) DIY Headphone Pouch 

12.) DIY Running Band

13.) DIY Tapestry Floor Pillow 

14.) DIY Pillows with Piping (and YES a beginner can actually make them!)

15.) DIY Monogram Towel 

16.) DIY Denim Pouches 

17.) Key Fob with a Zipper Compartment 

18.) DIY Zippered T-Shirts

19.) DIY Scrunchies 
20.) DIY Rug

21.) DIY Lace Trim Shirt

22.) DIY Borro Jeans

23.) DIY Makeup Remover Pads

24.) Sew Your Own Wallet

25.) Rainbow Hand Towel 

26.) Placemat Pillows 
27.) Hooded Towels 

28.) Baby Hats 

29.) Pillowcases

30.) Criss Cross Workout Shirt 

31.) DIY Travel Case

32.) Washcloth Travel Pouch 

33.) DIY Tote Bags

34.) DIY Crossbody Bag

35.) Travel Tissue Covers 

36.) Mini Messenger Bag 

37.) Wraparound Towel

38.) Bedside Pocket Organizer 

39.) Patchwork Coasters

40.) Fabric Tortilla Warmer 
41.) Easy Apron

42.) Simple Skirt

43.) DIY Reusable Dish Cover 

44.) Sleep Mask 

45.) Envelope Clutch 

46.) Fleece & Flannel PJ Pants 

47.) Maxi Skirt 

48.) DIY Makeup Brush Roll 

49.) Women’s Boxer Shorts 

50.) Reusable Swiffer Pads