6/30 | Beat The Heat With These Summer Crafts

Summer is so fun and exciting, it’s long awaited for tons of people, but usually after you get out of school and get into the routine of summer things slow down and get kind of boring after a while. There is so much you can do, the possibilities are endless. It’s a great time of year and no one should be bored and left with nothing to do, so get crafty! Don’t lay around thinking that there’s nothing to do when you could be creating one of a kind, personalized pieces. We’ve got 20 crazy fun crafts you can make by yourself or with friends, just as long as you have fun. Here are some summer crafts to cut the bore and beat the heat! 
1. The Cutest Summer Sign Ever

2. NO WAY This Is So Easy!
3. If You Love BUTTERFLIES You’ll Love This
4.Make WHAT With Plastic Pineapples?
5. Revamp Your Old Sandals To THIS

7. The Best Summer Tee DIY
8. Drab To Fab Sunglasses!
9. Decor That Looks Like CORAL?
10. Best Summer Centerpiece 
11. Pinata Balloons?!
12. Rainbow Coasters

13. Display Your Photos On These
14. Lovely Summer Storage Bin DIY!

16. Summer Block Tote Bag!
17. Make Earrings Out Of These Souvenirs!
18.  Make Your Own Doily Bowl
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”1ZLehSlG” upload-date=”2016-11-10T19:02:18.000Z” name=”DIY Lace Doily Bowls – PINTEREST + TUMBLR INSPIRED – EASY ROOM DECOR.mp4″ description=”null”]

19. DIY Tree Swing Perfect For Summer!
20. Fun Flowers Made From THAT?!

Those were awesome craft ideas, am I right?! I hope now you guys are all excited and inspired to get going. There’s no need to waste your summer being bored when you can create all that awesome summer stuff! I hope you guys enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more awesome things coming up!