6/30 | Cricut Design Space Introduction For Beginners


Are you new to Cricut Design Space and you do not know where to start? No need to panic! Today I’m going to share with you a beginner guide to Cricut Design Space. This post is perfect for those who are new on using Cricut, in Cricut Design Space, or if you’re thinking about getting a Cricut and you want to understand the software or if you just got a Cricut and you’re ready to master everything about it. We also have some eCourses with over 30 videos that could help you know your Cricut better, teaching you exactly how to use your Cricut and Design Space. It is a perfect course because it’s all outlined together and we give it all to you in one bundle. Here is a perfect Cricut Design Space Introduction For Beginners!

Let’s start!

Since Design Space 3 is super new, I’m getting a lot of questions about it. So let’s start off by giving an overview of Design Space 3. There are some really cool changes on it but overall the new software is simpler and a lot more usable and functional compared to Design Space 2.


For example, when you go to design.cricut.com and you logged in, you will be able to visualize your projects where before you can only see the names so you couldn’t actually see what project is that. I love that they showcased that firsthand and as you scroll you can see featured projects, Cricut Maker sewing projects, featured artist, what’s new in Cricut access, etc. These actually changed out but this is amazing if you’re super excited to get crafting with your Cricut and you’re looking for some inspiration.

I recommend for you to click any of these projects. They are all Make it now projects so you’re able to see the inspiration of this project; you’re able to read everything you need to do with it. It gives you a description and it gives you materials that you’re going to need that are Cricut related and everything else.


For example, you need a modern wood chair. It tells you how to prepare for your project, how to cut it, and then assemble it. It will show what type of images and fonts are used, if you need to purchase any. If you’re in Cricut access you do get this project. You can go ahead and click “Make it”. It’s going to set everything up and take you to the mat portion so everything’s already laid out and it’s going to show the format that you’re going to want to prepare and the colors. If you are creating the actual make it project but you want to use this pattern in a totally different way and you just want the design that’s when you’re able to click customize and all of the projects are going to pop up into design space.

If you only want the design you will be able to move, resize and delete all the other ones you don’t want really easily and then you can work in just the design.

Let’s go back to the home page and click canvas. So this is design space and we still have our project loaded in there. It’s really nice if you’re going around the website and you forgot to save a project and all you want to do is click Save or save as, since this is a public project.


As you can see design space 3 from this standpoint is really simplistic and I love it because it’s a lot more usable. Starting over, on the left-hand sidebar you have this where you’re able to set up your new machine. Print and cut calibration like all of those important things but you also have the new button so every time you press new and new canvas.

Here you can see “Projects”. It’s almost like the home page where you’re able to see all kinds of different projects and different things. What I love is that you’re able to look via categories so if you want to see what projects are free for Cricut maker user or if you’ve been able to link your Cricut maker these are your free projects.

If you have your Cricut Explore Air 2 you’re able to click and see what those projects are and you’re able to go through and just look at Cricut access so if you got a Cricut access you would want to see what type of special projects you’re able to create.

If you have an EasyPress and you’re really excited for Iron-On, this section is perfect for you.

We want to do something for a birthday. We just have to search Iron on that is birthday related and you’ll be able to see that there are birthday girl shirts and a happy birthday signs that you’re able to create really easily.


You’ll be able to use all of these if you’re part of Cricut access and there’s a lot of free ones too! So be on the lookout for what projects are free and different things like that. So as we continue on, you’re able to see more images from Cricut and if you notice these images are more standalone images, these are not complete projects. These are things that you can use on a card or a scrapbook page or you could use this for final details of all kinds of different things.

What I love is that Cricut access has a ton of images. For example, if you want  to go ahead and cut out this pilgrim hat all you need to do is click on it, insert image and if you know that you want to cut this out this is how easy Cricut made it for you, if you want to cut it out with a wig 4.0 and then press enter it’s going to scale the other side because we have it walked right here you can unlock this and you’re gonna be able to move it the height and the width however you want. I recommend leaving this lock too just so you don’t mess up dimensions of any of your projects in some cases you will want to be able to unlock that so when you press the unlock button you will notice that it will turn green and when you have it locked it’s going to be blue

Now you’re thinking, “I want to be able to cut this out but I don’t know what to do, do I have to ungroup this? How does it work?” If you are happy with the size and everything, just go up and click “Make it” and it’s going to sort all of your different mats. You’re going to need five different colors with a different cardstock and it’s going to cut this out for you.

What I also love is if you’re making a lot of them, say you’re going to do some Thanksgiving projects or something and you need 20 of them it’s going to prepare 20 of these on a mat for you and you can see it here without even thinking about it. It has all of these laid out for you so if you’re making a lot of Christmas cards and different things like that you’re going to be able to use your Cricut to streamline a lot of your processes.


Let’s go over to text. Text is one of the biggest things I use the design space but wasn’t able to create my own types of images and use all kinds of different fonts. Let’s do “Happy Halloween”. What I’m gonna do is type happy Halloween in all caps. A lot of the times when I’m doing different types of projects I always do capital letters just because I really love capital letters and it kind of makes me feel like I’m just sort of screaming out of them in a very happy way so what we’re going to do is if you don’t want to use this boring basic font, click on it and select all by pressing command and that’s going to select all the images and we’re gonna go up to fonts and scroll through, this is under the category off so just like within our projects and images we can search through fonts as well you can search through just your system fonts that are on your computer or you can look through just the Cricut fonts. As you can see here, there are quite a bit of different fonts and I love them so let’s look through all and let’s try to find some type of fonts that would be really great for Halloween. I don’t really know how many there are on here that are more spooky but you can sort of find one that you like so right here I think we’ll just use this pretty simplistic Happy Halloween font and you’re able to scale this up and down and sort of decide how you want it.

If you want to put the Halloween down all you’re going to do is select where you want it to go down to the next line you press ENTER and you’re able to highlight both of these and be able to center it up. Go to “Alignment” > “Center”. So now it’s HAPPY HALLOWEEN all in one and then you may be unhappy with the letter spacing so what you’re able to do is go up to letter space and bring letters actually closer together. You can also space the letters out as much or as little as you would want but it’s honestly up to you so another thing is a line space. I never really liked how far apart they make things, you can make the line space go down and you can bring these together so they would be a lot closer together.

Under text, you’re going to find shapes. There are so many shapes you’re able to use in design space 3 or in any design space to create really awesome projects so you can just click on whatever shape you want and you would be able to create all kinds of fun stuff.

Now let’s go to upload. You’re able to go through and click upload and you can see images that you’ve recently uploaded, you can click “upload new image”.

This is just a quick overview of Design Space 3, I hope you learned something new today and I can’t wait to see all the Cricut projects you’ll create!