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Welcome back! Below, you’ll find links to all the important areas of your Cricut Maker course. Please feel free browse the site and definitely let us know if you have any questions.

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Hi! For everyone wondering, we have officially shared our way of cleaning the Fabric-Grip mats with the Cricut Maker! Learn about it in week 5! 

Week 1 Videos – 
WELCOME to our Class! (Giveaway!)
Setting Up Your Cricut Maker
Cricut Cutting Mats Explained
Design Space 3 Overview
Import Your Own Images To Design Space 3
How To: Draw and Cut with Cricut Design Space 3
How To: Weld & Slice with Cricut Design Space 3

Week 2 Videos –
How to Contour in Design Space 3  
How to Download a Font 
How to Design T-Shirts in Design Space 3
Easy Press 101 

Week 3 Videos – 
Cutting Different Materials with Your Rotary Blade 
Washable Fabric Pen
How To : Use a Simplicity Pattern
How To : Sew a Zipper 
How To : Sew a Cricut Maker Pattern  
Thread a Bobbin | Sewing Machine Tutorial

Week 4 Updates-  CLICK HERE! 

Week 5 Videos – 
How To Download Our Digital Designs Below 
How To : 3D Shapes and Cricut Scoring Tool <–2 Tutorials in 1! 
How To Clean Your Cricut Fabric Grip Mats
Favorite Faux Etching Idea 

Week 6 Videos- 
Rotary Blade 101 
Hello DIY Doormat 
Cricut Maker VS Cricut Explore 
Cricut Design Space iOS App 

Free Cut Files in Cricut Design Space –

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Enjoy The Little Things 
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Have A Nice Poop 
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Live SImply 
Love Never Fails 
With God All Things Are Possible 

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