9/30 | DIY Budget Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Are you still looking for some DIY Budget Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations? If your answer is YES, you’re going to love this roundup we’ve made just for you! Halloween isn’t complete without making some spooky Halloween decorations. Don’t you agree? 

Every year, we love to decorate our home with some Halloween props and scary outdoor decorations to add that extra special bit of fun for our trick-or-treaters. A lot of people think that making Halloween decorations can break the bank but you know what?

With this roundup, we will share some budget friendly decorations with you. You don’t need to spend a lot just to celebrate this Halloween season. There are still plenty of ways to amp up with the without breaking the bank! 

Check out these amazing ideas! So many of them are made with dollar store supplies or even things you already have around the house. These are all really inexpensive but can add a huge impact to your Halloween decorating. Your house will be the talk of the neighborhood with these fun decorations! 

DIY Budget Friendly Outdoor Halloween Decorations

1. How to Make Hanging Halloween Ghosts

2. Hanging Cage Halloween Prop<<<AHHHH these are amazing! Wait til you see how simple they are to make!

3. Cardboard Tombstones

4. Halloween Zombies with Buckets

5. 3-D Yarn Spider Web <<<grab some yarn and some plastic spiders!

6. Gothic, Ghastly & Gory: Halloween Decorating Ideas

7. Spider Egg Sac

8. Dog Halloween Outdoor Decor 

9. Graveyard <<<let the kids help you come up with fun tombstone inscriptions!

10. Emerging Hands

11. Halloween Door Mat + Front Porch

12. Yard Monsters! <<<such a quick and easy way to add Halloween character to your yard!

13. Floating Witch Hat Luminaries

14. Giant Spider <<< SUPER simple dollar store idea with a BIG impact

I can’t decide which one of these is my favorite but the cages and these giant spiders sure are right up there at the top of the list. Do you decorate the outside of your house for different holidays? 

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