1/31 | DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Crock

This project is a great idea for people wanting to decorate and organize their kitchen but also to get the best bang for their buck! It’s a simple and easy mason jar craft that will take you maybe an hour with dry time included! This DIY Mason Jar Kitchen Crock also makes great gifts for friends or family who enjoy cooking or who need a little extra organization in their kitchen. See how to make it below!

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Supplies: Mason Jar | Black and White Acrylic Paint | Paintbrushes | Cow Stencil | Craft Knife | Twine String |


Step 1- Paint the inside of your jar completely black. Place the stencil outside in the middle of the jar pressing along the edges making sure you have a nice seal. Paint several coats of your white paint onto the outside of the jar and allow to dry.

Step 2- Carefully remove the stencil with a craft knife and add a twine bow around the top of the jar. Now place all your loose kitchen utensils inside the jar and display in your kitchen!