9/30 | DIY Racetrack

This post is sponsored by Mattel. All opinions are my own

I love the movie Cars. My whole family from ages five to fifty-five love the Disney-Pixar classic. I remember when the first one came out back in 2006. I was hoping they would make a second one. Well, I got my wish plus one more! Cars 2 and Cars 3 did not disappoint.

My little cousins adored the last one especially, and I know how much they love getting surprises. They’ve been so good this week while I’ve been babysitting them so I thought I would do something special for them. I went to my local Walmart and found so many amazing Disney-Pixar Cars 3 toys made by Mattel. I found a huge selection in the toy and collectible aisle at Walmart.

I knew my cousins would love playing with their new Cars 3 toys, but I got inspired to get a little more crafty and make them something pretty neat. I took a stroll around Walmart with my Cars 3 toys and gathered all the supplies I needed to create a fun DIY Racetrack! It’s the perfect project to celebrate getting some new toys and I’ve always loved creating homemade gifts for the ones I love. Let me show you how I made it!

  • Foam Board
  • Canvas Fabric
  • Multi-Purpose Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Small Cut Wooden Dowel
  • Red Ribbon
  • Paint Brushes
  • Assorted Sponges
  • Multi-Surface Paint in Light Green, Dark Green, White, and Black

1. Cut your canvas fabric to fit over your foam board piece. Then glue the fabric onto the foam board. Allow it to dry.

2. Freehand an outline of a racetrack with a pencil onto your canvas.

3. Fill in your traced racetrack with black paint. You may want to use a larger brush to paint the center and a more detailed brush to get good clean lines on the edges of your “road”.

4. With your assorted sponges use the green paints to create bushes all around the track.

5. Once the black paint has dried, cut up a little sponge and create a finish line pattern using the sponge as a stamp.

6. Glue and cut pieces of ribbon to the end of your cut dowels to create little flags. Simply cut a small slit into the canvas and stick your flags wherever you’d like them to go.

Didn’t it turn out so cute? My cousins loved it and I loved knowing they enjoyed what I made them. They can’t wait to go back to Walmart to pick out even more Cars 3 toys, they want to collect them all!

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