3/31 | DIY Spring Decor With Your Cricut

Today is the first day of spring! Here in East Tennessee, it’s still a bit chilly. However, that’s not going to stop us from getting crafty on the first day of spring for 2018. I thought it would be fun to show you guys how to make some fun DIY Spring Decor With Your Cricut. Nothing’s easier than using your Cricut to craft. Not to mention it’s so much fun. Also, in both of the projects we’re showing you we used great spring cut files from our great membership website, Makers Gonna Learn. It’s the ultimate crating membership. If you have a Cricut you definitely need to join! I hope you all enjoy these fun spring decor ideas.

DIY Galvanized Spring Planter

We love love love this cut file! It’s actually even more detailed than this if you can believe it but for this project, we chose to basically cut the design in half and make it a gorgeous detail on this galvanized tub. That’s definitely a great thing about these files. If you get inspired to do something different with them you totally can! We’re using ours as a fun spring planter but you can get super creative with how you use yours. This is just simple pink vinyl transferred onto the tub. One of the simplest techniques you can master!

DIY Spring Wall Hanging

This fun project actually took a few more Cricut steps than the first one but the end result is so amazing! We bought this simple wall hanging from the craft store. Then we brainstormed a way we could make it more springy! We decided to not only add our vinyl file that says “Live Life in Full Bloom” but also to use our handy dandy Cricut Maker to cut out some beautiful floral cardstock to add to the hanging. To give it a super springy feel. This would look beautiful in your room, office, or entrance to your home.

I hope you all got inspired by these ideas and decide to make something so fun on this beautiful first day of spring! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. I hope these ideas get your creative juices flowing and out of the winter crafting slump we all know. Happy crafting, and happy spring!