9/30 | DIY Stitched Planter

I love simple DIY projects that have a big style impact. I also love planters, because what plant deserves to be in an ugly home? This tutorial for a super simple but adorable DIY Stitched Planter will have you running to the craft store. It’s a great idea to make this summer, and it’s a great excuse to get out and buy a new cute plant! You can make them whatever color you want, they’re totally customizable.

Check out how we made ours below!

You will need: a wooden box | drill | white paint | paintbrush | embroidery thread

Mark and drill 3 holes down and 5 holes across one side of the box. 
Paint the box white. 

Starting with a knot on the inside of the box, pull the thread through the holes so that it creates a pattern of Xs. I doubled the thread up because I drilled the holes a little too big. I wrapped the end of the thread in tape so that it was easier to thread through the holes.

Wasn’t that idea so simple?! The materials were super affordable and the entire project took less than an hour. We painted our planter white and used only pink embroidery floss, but you can go nuts and paint yours a crazy color and use several colors of floss if you want to. Do whatever shows your personal style! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I can’t wait to see yours!