9/30 | Get Ready for Fall with Rubbermaid #FallFixup

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Hey everyone! Summer is coming to a close as many of you know and we need to be getting ready for fall and into the sad winter months.  (for people like me who don’t enjoy the cold) Did you know that Rubbermaid has great products to get your backyard items stored for the winter? They do! Today I’m going to be talking about two of them and getting my pool area ready for fall/winter.

Here is some of my favorite items during the summer to have at the pool. POOL TOYS! Now these are awesome to have floating in the pool during the summer, but as we close our pool, we don’t have anywhere to put them. In years past we’ve let them just sit on the deck and by the next season they’ve popped and we’ve had to buy new ones. This year I’m deflating them and putting them away in my Rubbermaid Storage Tote.

Here are some other items we have trouble doing anything with during the fall/winter. Random “by the pool” items. They’ve normally sat here and made the deck look very cluttered. Now with our storage tote it’ll look super organized over there.

Here’s what it’s looking like. I have my inflatable pool toys on the bottom and some of our random pool necessities at the top for easy grab. Never know when you need a extension cord for outside Christmas decorations! I also have tons of extra room. I plan on adding any extra pool chemicals that I have purchased and won’t be able to use until next year.

The RubberMaid Outdoor 45 gallon Trash can is super light weight and great to move around and clean up. It will be great for having after parties and being able to clean up instead of trying to use the old heavy one that we have from our county. Be sure to head over to your local Home Depot and check out all the RubberMaid products to get your #FallFixUp on the move. Be sure to take advantage of the in store low prices on the Rubbermaid Roughnecks products.