11/30 | Give The Gift of Knowledge This Holiday Season

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Winter is coming up and all the wonderful things that go along with it like quality family time, good food, and hopefully lots of snow! One thing I have always struggled with is trying to find great Christmas gifts for everyone. I often buy for the adults first, you know the usual simple gifts, but finding a gift for my growing eight year old cousin has always been more challenging. One day it dawned on me the perfect gift that I know he and the whole family would enjoy, his very own  build-it-yourself BOSEbuild Speaker Cube! He will have a blast opening it up, seeing all the parts and knowing he gets to build it himself. He’s a very curious little boy, and being able to create and explore this Cube while completely personalizing it along the way will be such a great experience for him. It’s not boring, and kids will never get tired of using it like they would grow out of a toy.

This speaker cube is hands on and easy to assemble, not to mention it’s an exceptional quality, high performance Bluetooth speaker that any child can use for years to come. The child controls the LED lights and colors from an easy to use mobile app, and they can change the designs and patterns from the Cube itself! As the child builds they will learn the logistics of the simple speaker like how music can come from simple coils and magnets, but it won’t feel like learning with as much fun as they’ll have. I can’t believe I didn’t think of getting this Christmas gift for my cousin sooner, as ideal as it is for children of his age, but I am so eager to see his face when he opens up his own BOSEbuild speaker cube on Christmas morning!

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After he gets familiar with the Cube and personalizes it how he wants, he can play holiday music for us as our family sits by the fire and enjoys our quality time. Christmas is coming up, it’s not too late to get the little ones in your family their Speaker Cube, too! Like I mentioned they’re fully customizable and fun for the whole family. With such great quality speakers they are so affordable at just $149, and you will be able to play holiday music at your Christmas parties, and every other occasion, for many many years to come. Whether it’s for your child or for a friend you will not be disappointed with it’s unique features and durable design.  Watch as the child learns valuable skills and techniques while building it, but all they are doing is having fun. Give the the gift of knowledge and purchase the amazing build-it-yourself BOSEbuild speaker cube  right here, just in time for Christmas. It’s a very fun and practical way to help your child hone skills, and see the world more creatively. Let me know in the comments how you help your child discover and experience the world around them, and how you think the speaker cube would aid to that experience.