12/31 | How to Unpick a Seam

Unpicking seams is just part of sewing! It doesn’t mean that you are a bad sewist when it happens, it is so normal. Since it is bound to happen, we should all know how to unpick a seam and how to use a seam ripper. Keep reading for my best tips and tricks!

The ability to properly unpick a seam allows you to save projects after you have made a mistake. There definitely is a right way to unpick a stitch and lots of wrong ways that will end up destroying your fabric. can either save your project or destroy it.  

You’ll want to take it slow when it comes to unpicking seams. Don’t take your anger of the mistake out on your sewing project. If you focus on fixing it and doing it right, you’ll be able to reuse that fabric.

Start unpicking at the end where the stitches aren’t locked. If that’s not an option on your project, start by unpicking the lock stitch on one end and work your way to the other end. Unpick a few stitches on one side of the fabric.

Every few stitches, place the seam ripper under one of the loops and lift it up to break the thread.  Be sure not to puncture the fabric in the process.

Then slightly pull the two pieces of fabric away from each other. You should be able to see the tread between the two pieces and the seam will start to come undone. If any stitches are stuck and don’t want to budge, slide the seam ripper between the layers of fabric and under the thread. Pull the seam ripper up to break the stitch. Continue this process until you’re finished with the seam.

Now that you know how to unpick a seam, you’ll be able to fix the sewing projects that don’t go so well!