6/30 | How To Use Cricut Knife Blade | DIY Marquee Letters

Hi everyone! Are you looking for the perfect DIY to make with your Cricut Knife Blade? If your answer is YES, this blog post is perfect for you! Today we’re going to share with you on how to create your very own Marquee Letters using your Cricut Knife Blade. It’s super easy to do and perfect to make whether you’re a beginner and it’s your first time to use your knife blade on a DIY project.

What You’ll Need:


1. Grab your Cricut Heavy Chipboard and take it out of the plastic and let it sit out for 24 hours if possible.

2. Now let’s go to our Cricut Design Space. For this project, we already created a really fun Marquee font. All we did was use the free fonts from Cricut and write out our word and then we were able to add in our circles, you just have to measure what size your Marquee lights are.

3. Press “Make It”. Make sure the letters fit well on the mat. Press “Continue”.

4. Now we will connect it with our Cricut Maker and select our material. Click on “Browse All Materials” and select “Heavy Chipboard”.

5. Once done, we will open clamp B and install our Knife Blade.

6. Make sure that all four stars are pushed all the way to the right side of your Cricut.

7. Grab your Strong Grip Mat and a piece of your Heavy Chipboard and place it right down on your mat.

8. Put a Masking tape on the edges to secure stability.

9. When done, load it onto your machine. Since we’re using the knife blade, it’s really important to have our Cricut Design Space in its own browser because it’s going to take multiple passes to cut through so we want to make sure that your computer or tablet is not on sleep mode and it’s going to stay awake Once you’re ready to go, press the flashing Cricut button to start cutting.

I absolutely love the precision with these; I think that this would be an awesome Marquee letter.

10. The next thing will do is to paint it. But before we do that we need to seal it with our Polyurethane. So what we’re going to do is to give this one to two light coats and then after it dries we will be able to paint it easily.

11. After the Polyurethane dries, paint the letters white.

12. While the white Acrylic paint is drying, we’ll paint our canvas gray.

13. Once both our Canvas and Heavy Chipboard is dry, we will now use our Hot Glue to secure each letter on our Canvas.

14. Now that our letters are secure on our Canvas we will now use our Cricut True Control Knife and we will simply poke holes into the Canvas.

15. When you’re done, flip the canvas over to the back and secure the battery packs with velcro.

16. Then pop the lights to the canvas and the letters.

17. Now that we pushed in the lights, pop the bulbs in place.

And we’re done! Now you have a super cool Marquee letter that you could display in your bedroom, in your living room or anywhere you want! Hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial as much as I did and you’ve learned something new today. Happy Crafting!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.