6/30 | How To Write and Cut with Your Cricut

Your Cricut machine can really make a lot of awesome things! We already made a tutorial about Print and Cut. So, I decided to share with you on How to Write and Cut with your Cricut and you won’t believe how easy it is to do while having so much fun at the same time. For today’s DIY we are going to make a Father’s day card!


  1. Log in to Cricut Design Space, go to the left-hand bar and choose “Upload” > “Upload Image” and choose your file.

  1. You will now see it on your Recently Uploaded Images, and insert it into your canvas.

  1. To create a card select “Shapes” > “Square” and size it. For this tutorial, we’re going to make a 4×8 card.

  1. Then select “Shapes” > “Scoreline”, this is used to mark the middle where you will fold the card, then select both of it and select “Align” > “Center” on the upper bar.

  1. Once complete, select “Attach”

  1. Now that our card was all set. Drag your image over to the card.
  2. For this tutorial, we used the “Happy Father’s day” image, on the right sidebar you will see the scissors, select both of it and change it to “Write”.

  1. From here, we want to change the colors. You just have to select the color you’d like to use. As an example, for the “Happy Father’s day” text I’ll choose black, and for the tie, I’ll choose silver metallic.

  1. Then select both letters and choose “Attach” > “Make It”

  1. On the left-hand bar you should see “Score, Draw and Cut” > “Continue”

  1. For the settings, select “Medium Cardstock”, then it will tell you to “Load your Scoring Stylus on Clamp A”

  1. Load your mat with the cardstock and load it into the Cricut. Select fast mode because we want to craft quickly and press the flashing Cricut button.

  1. Once it’s finished making the scoreline, time to change the tool! We will now use our Silver Metallic pen and like the scoring tool put it on Clamp A and press the flashing Cricut button.

  1. When done, remove the Silver Metallic pen, put the Black pen and press the flashing Cricut button.

  1. Unload your mat and you’ll see that we have an awesome Father’s day card!


Easy isn’t it? Now we have a perfect little card for Father’s day. If you’re wondering where I got the “Happy Father’s Day” image we used for this tutorial, it’s one in many SVG files we have when you join Makers Gonna Learn. Now that you’ve learned how to write and cut, you can make any cards for all occasions! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I’m so excited to see what amazing things you’ll create.