Friendship Bracelet Maker Fun

Courtney Chambers — 09/10/2013

Friendship bracelets have been around for a really long time and they are still in high style. Tons of girls at my school, including me, sport them almost everyday. They are so fun to make, give, receive, and of course

16 Fall Kid Crafts

Tanner Bell — 09/09/2013

Hey everyone. It’s starting to feel like fall here in East Tennessee, I thought I would share 16 Fall Kid Crafts with you. I love doing different things like this with my little cousins because they always enjoy it. What

Summer Kites

Tanner Bell — 09/09/2013

Today I am featuring a fantastic blogger, Clare DeTamble of Countrybaskets. There is such fun tutorials. Be sure to stop by!   These beautiful crafty kites are the perfect thing for summer. Hang them in your garden or home to brighten up

DIY Chalkboard

Courtney Chambers — 09/06/2013

Hey Everyone! Happy friday! School is back in session. wow, all I can say is wow. I was not ready for this. But we all just have to make the most of it! With school comes homework, its sad but true.

Duck Tape Laptop Case | DIY | Teen Craft

Tanner Bell — 09/04/2013

Hey everyone! Tanner here- Today we are going to be crafting with duck tape. I’m going to show you how to use a bubble mailer and Duck tape to make a iPad sleeve. It’s really fun! Let’s get started.  

DIY Decorative Pillows

Tanner Bell — 09/04/2013

I am featuring a awesome post from The Ruffles Stitch. Darcy is a great blogger and offers tons of tutorials! Have you ever wanted to make Decorative pillows? It’s really fun and she shows you how.   These pillows are

Baseball Bat American Flat : DIY TEEN CRAFT!

Tanner Bell — 09/03/2013

Today I am featuring a post from Restyle resource, for all the guys out there that is into baseball I have a super cool Baseball Bat American Flag DIY you have got to try!   I love how they have

12 DIY Projects Anyone Can Do

Courtney Chambers — 09/02/2013

  Hey Everyone! I hate when people say, “I wish I was crafty”, or “I can’t craft”, or anything along those lines. Why? Because its not true, anyone can be crafty! To be honest, there is very little talented involved

Melted Crayon Art Tutorial: LOVE Letter Tiles

Tanner Bell — 09/02/2013

Today I am featuring a Melted Crayon Art LOVE letter Titles. This is a super fun post by Pieces by Polly, she has a very fun blog and she has FOUR kids! How fun, she also home schools them. She

Galaxy Painted Converse

Tanner Bell — 09/01/2013

I am so excited to feature Monique today, she runs a website called Sparkle Collective. She has so amazing tutorials and great inspiration. I totally recommend you checking her out.   She is sharing how to make this awesome pair of

One Cute Crab, Two ideas!

Tanner Bell — 08/31/2013

Today we are featuring Allie! She blogs over at My Card Party. I love her cards! They are super fun. These would be perfect for any teen cards. Have you ever wanted to make any? They are really fun and