Candy Bracelet

Tanner Bell — 01/09/2014

Have you ever wanted to make a candy bracelet? Honestly, no I haven’t. UNTIL, I stumbled upon this tutorial and they’re using one of my favorite candies to make it so I’m all in! You’re gonna have to check out

DIY Lovely Tote Bag

Tanner Bell — 01/07/2014

If I had to bet, you’re looking for something cheap and fun to give to a friend for Valentine’s day! I’m featuring the perfect tutorial just for you. This tote bag is great, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use

Cheesecake Rainbow Heart Cake

Tanner Bell — 01/06/2014

Do you love Cheesecake? I know I do, Valentine’s day is quickly approaching us and I’m so excited to share this awesome recipe with you! You will have to make it for your kids or yourself. I know I would

Hex Nut Clutch

Courtney Chambers — 01/03/2014

Metal accents are all the rage these days! So obviously I am in love with this hex nut clutch! Who would of thought that you could use items from the hardware store to jazz up an average clutch?? You just need

Wine Cork Earrings

Courtney Chambers — 01/02/2014

Texture Texture Texture! Its all about texture up in here! And what better way to add texture then with cork! Its such a fun texture and basically free! These wine cork earrings are just fabulous! I am loving the little

T-Shirt Shag Rug

Courtney Chambers — 01/01/2014

Put those old T-shirts to use! Cut um up and make this super cool T-shirt shag rug! Its so versatile, you could use it in your bedroom, as a bath mat, anywhere you want! Use different color tees for different

Alphabet Wall Art

Courtney Chambers — 12/31/2013

How stinkin caute is this?? I LOVE it! Typography has been really trendy lately. This alphabet wall art is the perfect execution of the trend. The  I {heart} you is a adorable, but even without it I still think it

15 Ways to Craft with Cork

Courtney Chambers — 12/30/2013

Hey Everyone! Happy happy monday! I am so glad you are joining us today and I hope you had a fantastic Christmas with your loved ones! We sure did, and now we are back and ready as ever to share

Cork Coasters

Courtney Chambers — 12/30/2013

Who else saves corks and then has no idea what to do with them? These cork coasters are the perfect solution to that mountain of unused corks. You can create these awesome coasters out of basically just trash and some

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Tanner Bell — 12/27/2013

Are you looking for something to really wow you with barely any work? Go check out these Tissue Paper Pom Poms. Anyone can make these and I love them. I know you will too. If you are having a New

DIY Mini Caramel Apples

Tanner Bell — 12/26/2013

Do you love caramel apples? Today I am featuring a recipe for  Mini Carmel apples. They’re so yummy and you will be making these for every occasion. It’s super simple and I would never have thought of making smaller apples

Marbled Brownies

Tanner Bell — 12/25/2013

  Do you LOVE brownies? I know I do, these marbled brownies from looks delicious! I totally want to try these. My Brownies never have looked so nice. It seems fairly easy too! You will want to try these