Teen Crafts that AREN’T stupid

Tanner Bell — 08/12/2013

Check Out How To Make This Sharpie Dot Mug! Today on the blog I’m sharing Teen Crafts that AREN’T Stupid! Why do you ask? As I was researching teen crafts I found this on Yahoo Answers: This was posted 3

How to Paint An Ombré Wall

Tanner Bell — 08/09/2013

Have you ever wondered How to Paint An Ombré Wall? Today we are featuring a post that teaches you how! The blog is called, Just like the number.  Ombre is loved by many, hated by few. I seriously don’t know how

FREE Toilet Room Makeover

Tanner Bell — 08/08/2013

Today on A Little Craft In Your Day, Were featuring Mandy! She is a Mom, Blogger, Gun Shooting, and make up Lover! When I first saw this, I was in love. It is totally mind blowing at how someone can

Rolled Paper Flower Art

Courtney Chambers — 08/08/2013

Hey Everyone, Today I have a fun project to share with you! This will be so fun to decorate your room with! AND its super affordable and easy to make! Out at CHA, Die Cuts with a View had such

Teen Subway Art

Tanner Bell — 08/07/2013

Subway art is a great Element for any teen to showcase in there room. I’m featuring a awesome post by www.nelliebellie.com I love this idea, Its a fun and easy way to add any a element to a Teens room. This

12 DIY Clothing Remixes

Courtney Chambers — 08/06/2013

Hey Everyone! This week’s round up post got pushed back a day, but I hope you got a chance to check out Tanner’s Back To School Project from yesterday! I love taking old clothes, clothes that just don’t fit right,

Back To School with Craft Attitude

Tanner Bell — 08/05/2013

  Hey everyone! Today I am crafting with Craft Attitude! With the school year approaching with less then a week or two away here in Tennessee you need some easy DIY’s for this school year! Craft Attitude is going to

CHA Summer 2013 Part 2

Courtney Chambers — 08/04/2013

Hey Everyone! Here is the second half of the fun we had out at Create and Connect in Las Vegas. If you missed Part 1, check that out HERE. Tanner actually made a video about it and showcasing the fun

Melted Crayon Art

Courtney Chambers — 08/03/2013

I’m sure you have seen melted crayon art around Pinterest or maybe you have even attempted it yourself! It is really fun to do and looks awesome! I have to say tho, that this technique is by far my favorite!

Mason Jar Manicure Set

Courtney Chambers — 08/01/2013

Mason jars are all the rage these days! I am always looking for fun little gifts to give my friends for their birthdays. Sometimes it can be really hard, but this Mason Jar Manicure Set is a great idea that

DIY Magazine Holder

Tanner Bell — 08/01/2013

Today on A little craft in your day we have a awesome DIY Magazine holder. I’m going to share with you how to make it. Go gather supplies shown below and let’s hop right in! First thing first guys, Take

DIY Lace Shorts

Courtney Chambers — 07/31/2013

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Today I am so excited to share with you the DIY Lace shorts me and my cousin made! She was staying over my house a couple weeks ago, and she brought an old pair of hand-me-down