Vintage Advent Calendar

Tanner Bell — 12/23/2013

Okay, so I know that Christmas is just DAYS away and I am going crazy getting last minute gifts and what not. BUT, I did find this advent calendar that I thought I had to share with you! Only because

Easy DIY Name Plate with Candy Canes!

Tanner Bell — 12/21/2013

Hey everyone! I hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday. Today Margot Potter and I are making a fun DIY tutorial for Christmas. It is DAYS away, which scares me. If you need a name plate you should use this!  

Tooth Box Craft

Courtney Chambers — 12/20/2013

Hey everyone! Today I am going to be showing you how I made a cute little tooth fairy box craft! This would be perfect to make with your little one while they have their first wiggly tooth! And then when

DiY Toilet Paper Wreath

Courtney Chambers — 12/20/2013

  The title of the blog post probably confused you, maybe even grossed you out. But the wreath above was actually made out of toilet paper! Believe it or not it is actually possible to make a gorgeous DiY toilet

Ombre Infinity Scarf

Courtney Chambers — 12/19/2013

  How caute is this ombre Infinity scarf? Infinity scarves are for sure taking over the scarf world. Honestly when I hear the word scarf I automatically think of an infinity scarf, completely forgetting about regular scarves. The perfect way

Decorate the Holiday Table with Duck Brand®

Tanner Bell — 12/18/2013

This post brought to you by Duck Brand provided by ShurTech Brands, LLC. All opinions are 100% mine. Hey eveyone! How are you all doing today? I’m doing great and so excited to share with you this fantastic craft. I’m

Faux Wire Star Ornament

Courtney Chambers — 12/18/2013

Is your tree still looking a little bear? I think this faux wire star ornament is the beautiful ornament you need to fill in the empty space. It looks quite hard to make, bending all that wire the right way,

Free Printable Crafts from Laura Kelly

Courtney Chambers — 12/17/2013

Laura Kelly, popular licensing artist and creator of ‘Me and My Peeps’ is sharing not one, two or three but FOUR adorable FREE printables so you can create crafty fun last minute holiday gifts. Like everything she makes these four

DiY Body Scrub

Courtney Chambers — 12/17/2013

Looking for an expensive holiday gift for some friends, co-workers, or neighbors? This DiY Body Scrub is the perfect solution! Its cute, personal, thoughtful, AND you only FOUR ingredients! I mean come on, some of them you even have in

Printable Mitten Bookmark

Courtney Chambers — 12/16/2013

Are you a big reader? If so this is perfect for all of your reading this winter! You’ll never loose your place in your book, and its so much more stylish than a tissue you found on the night stand,

16 Last Minute Christmas Decor ideas

Tanner Bell — 12/16/2013

Hey everyone! Are you needing some last Minute Christmas Decor ideas? I have 16 just for you! I know its getting super close to Christmas and you don’t know what to do before you have family over for Christmas. These