Halloween Rainbow Party Cake

Tanner Bell — 10/16/2013

Today I am featuring another fun Halloween idea. This one isn’t a craft, its a cake recipe! We are featuring Cookingwithsugartv on Youtube!  She has such a creative cake idea for any halloween party. I always love featuring ideas that

Statement Necklace

Courtney Chambers — 10/16/2013

Hey Everyone! Today me and a bunch of creative bloggers have gotten together to celebrate! We are celebrating Bella Craft Quarterly’s Birthday! Bella Crafts Quarterly is a really fun and informative FREE online magazine. Tanner and I were actually Blog

DIY Pumpkin Carving With A Drill

Tanner Bell — 10/15/2013

Today on the blog I am featuring a fantastic post by,  Kathy Woodard . She has a awesome halloween tutorial and idea!   Have you ever thought to carve a pumpkin with a Drill? I would of never thought of it and

21 Halloween Party Ideas

Courtney Chambers — 10/14/2013

Hey Everyone! With Halloween just around the corner, we are all planing for the special night! How do you celebrate? Do you throw a big party? have a few friends over? Either way these ideas are perfect to had that

How to Make a Bat from an Egg Carton

Tanner Bell — 10/14/2013

Hey everyone! I am sharing yet another fun Halloween recycled craft today. Are you excited? This is one I done last year for my friends at Favecrafts!   This is such a fun craft and I loved making it every

Clay Pendent

Courtney Chambers — 10/11/2013

Hey Everyone! Today I have a really fun tutorial for you! I am going to show you how to make a pendant necklace out of clay and Clearsnap products! Don’t be scared, its super simple! I’m not a jewelry maker


Tanner Bell — 10/11/2013

Today we are featuring yet another fantastic Halloween Craft tutorial over Spoonful.com Have you ever wanted to take a little pumpkin and turn it into a bat? This is the perfect TEEN Craft for just that! These look really fun

Custom Onesies

Courtney Chambers — 10/10/2013

Hey Everyone! Have you been hit with the mustache phenomenon yet? I managed to avoid it for so long, until I saw this. I just had to give in to the trend when I came across the cutest little baby

Paint Chip Halloween Craft

Tanner Bell — 10/10/2013

Today I am featuring another fun kid craft for halloween! I am lovin’ these. Today we are recycling all your paint chips. Were featuring Liz @ lizziejanebaby.blogspot.com/   I saw this neat idea and thought everyone needs to make them! My

Buid-A-Monster Blocks Using Wood Attitude

Tanner Bell — 10/09/2013

  Do you love Halloween? I know I do, It’s just a fun time of the year. My good friend Jonathan Fong has made these Build-A-Monster Blocks. Aren’t they super creative? I think I will have to make these. He

Arby’s NEW Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich!

Tanner Bell — 10/08/2013

This post brought to you by Arby’s. All opinions are 100% mine. How are you all today? I don’t have a tutorial for you today. BUT,  I am super excited be able to share something YUMMY with you today. Are