14 DIY Halloween Costumes

Courtney Chambers — 09/30/2013

Hey Everyone! Happy October! 30 days to halloween!  Maybe a good time to starting making your costume,  or at least pin it to your board, and make it October 30th. Either way works, but here are some really cool DIY

Laura Kelly Popcorn Box Bloghop!

Tanner Bell — 09/30/2013

  Hey everyone welcome to the Halloween Popcorn Box BlogHop! I am so excited you are here today. Are you as big of a fan of halloween as me? I LOVE halloween. It’s for sure one of my top holidays,

Simple DIY Key Fob Wristlet : TEEN CRAFT

Tanner Bell — 09/28/2013

How are you all today? I am doing great. I am featuring this awesome tutorial dabblesandbabbles.com Do any of you all ever have friends that you want to make these Keychains for? I actually know someone that sells these awesome ones.

DIY Braided Bracelet

Courtney Chambers — 09/24/2013

Hey Everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make a really cool bracelet out of items you may not expect! I found all of theses items around the house going unused and decided to give them a

Styrofoam Insulation Teen Room Decor

Tanner Bell — 09/24/2013

Today on the blog I have a teen room decor idea, that we are featuring Kelly from imperfecthomemaking.com She has a fantastic tutorial on using Styrofoam Insulation to use to decorate with.   Is your room bare? Are you needing something inexpensive

17 Fall Decor Ideas

Tanner Bell — 09/23/2013

Hey everyone! Are you having trouble finding Fall decor ideas for fall or halloween? I have 17 to share with you that will work every year for many to come! I hope you enjoy. Check Out This Fall Decor Inspired

Notebook Marble Affect

Tanner Bell — 09/20/2013

With school starting back up up I bought all the supplies I would need for the school year. They are great and do what I need them to, but some of the notebook covers are a little boring with nothing

Folk Art Multi Surface Paint Crafts!

Tanner Bell — 09/19/2013

Don’t you love Folk Art Acrylic Paints? I know I do and use them as my go to paint! Did you know they just launched Multi-use paint called “Folk Art Multi Surface Paint”? I am getting to craft with this

Glitter Phone Case

Courtney Chambers — 09/18/2013

  Hey Everyone! Today we are making GLITTER phone cases! I cannot think of a more perfect combination (well maybe besides brownies and ice cream). I love glitter, however the only thing I like more is my phone. Just like

16 Sweet DIY Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Courtney Chambers — 09/16/2013

You are in for a treat today! I have gathered 16 Sweet DIY Sweet 16 Party Ideas just for you, and they are all so fun. I am so inspired and am ready to start creating for my 16th birthday in

Crystyle The Emmys! Twitter Party with Norma Rapko

Courtney Chambers — 09/15/2013

Hey Everyone! As you may already know, Norma Rapko and her brand new Crystyler are going to the Emmys. Join them, via the internet to see what the stars crafting! There will be tons of pictures! I am hosting a twitter

ICE Resin at the Emmys – Twitter Chat and Giveaway

Courtney Chambers — 09/15/2013

Hey Everyone! The Emmy’s are this weekend and the celebrities are going to be getting crafty! These creative people will be using their creativity to craft instead of act for a change! How cool is that!? They will get a