Earring Display: Teen DIY

Courtney Chambers — 06/06/2013

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday! Today’s DIY and Teen Craft is an Earring Display! It’s so fun! I love how cute it is and it serves a great purpose as well! You might just have to go and make yourself (or

How to make Low Fat Brownies

Tanner Bell — 06/06/2013

Have you ever wondered how to make Low Fat brownies? I found this awesome box at our local grocery store. It has NO CALORIES and barely anything else.   You simply follow the ingredients on the box, and BAM! You

DIY Memo Board

Courtney Chambers — 06/05/2013

Hey Everyone! Today I have a really cool teen craft to share with you all! It is a DIY Memo Board! Its cute and functional! Its a great way to remind ourselves of all the things we need/want to do

10 Fun Pool Party Foods

Courtney Chambers — 06/03/2013

What is a Pool Party with out some delicious Pool Party Foods? Welcome to another Monday Round Up! With pools being opened and summer in full swing, we thought we would share some Fun Pool Party Foods! Whether you are a host

Clothespin Decor project : TEEN CRAFT!

Tanner Bell — 06/01/2013

Were going to be making a Clothespin Decor Project today. It’s something any Teen can use for there room or to give to a friend/family member. They’re super customizable because we’re making ours from wood that you can pick up

Fabric Cuff Bracelet: TEEN CRAFT

Courtney Chambers — 05/31/2013

Hey Everyone! Remember a few weeks back we shared 10 Handmade Jewelry Ideas? Well, here is another for you! That makes 11! Today I’m going to show you how to make a Fabric Cuff Bracelet! Theses are really fun and

12 DIY Dog Beds

Tanner Bell — 05/27/2013

Hey everyone, Today’s Round up post is all about DIY Dog beds and some great DIY for your Furry friends. I have 10 dogs if you didn’t know, and we love them to death. We have nine Yorkies and one

Mod Podge Canvas

Courtney Chambers — 05/25/2013

Hey Everyone!   Today is Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend! Woo Hoo! I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday weekend! Today I am going to share with you how to make a Mod Podge Canvas! By using different

Sticky Note Pad Holder | DIY

Tanner Bell — 05/23/2013

Happy Friday! Are you all having a great week? Got any Memorial Day Plans? I’d love to hear them. Today I am sharing with you a Sticky Note Pad holder. It’s super easy to make and you can get the Frame

Wedding Shower Cards

Courtney Chambers — 05/21/2013

Today I have a fun Wedding Shower Cards idea to share with you all! Instead of making typical rectangle card after card, why not bring something different to the plate this time? Spice it up! We all have hear of and

Deck Remodel ideas | Before and Progress

Tanner Bell — 05/21/2013

Hey everyone! Happy Tuesday. Today on the blog i’m sharing my Deck Remodel/Start to Decorate the decks.  When we bough our house in 2008 it came with this pathetic deck. We want a Deck that can be Functional, Pet Friendly,

10 Handmade Jewelry Ideas

Courtney Chambers — 05/20/2013

Hey Everyone! We are sharing 10 Handmade Jewelry Ideas today, Who’s excited? Hope you all had a great weekend and are ready to hop into another great week! To start your week off right, we have gather 10 amazing pieces of jewelry that