DIY Dollar Store Centerpiecessave

DIY Dollar Store Centerpieces

Janine Banuelos — 07/01/2022

Centerpieces don’t have to be expensive. We found some great DIY Dollar Store Centerpieces you can make. They’re really pretty but oh so inexpensive to put together.  Whether you’re having a party, getting ready for a wedding, or just want

Salt Dough Crafts for Kidssave

Salt Dough Crafts for Kids

Janine Banuelos — 06/29/2022

Salt dough is so simple to make but you can create so many wonderful craft projects with it. Most salt dough is air drying and so you need very few materials and supplies to work with it. These salt dough

Dog Treat Recipessave

Dog Treat Recipes

Janine Banuelos — 06/27/2022

Is your dog your best friend? A member of the family? Either way, we all want the best for our pets. So. we’ve rounded up these dog treat recipes so you can make some delicious goodies for your dog. Be

Backyard Water Fun for Kidssave

Backyard Water Fun for Kids

Janine Banuelos — 06/24/2022

If there’s something we love during the summer, it’s hanging out and having fun in our own backyard. That’s why we rounded up these ideas for backyard water fun for kids.  Most of these only require simple, inexpensive materials you

Easy Beach Themed Craftssave

Easy Beach Themed Crafts

Janine Banuelos — 06/22/2022

These are such fun projects to make this summer. These easy beach-themed crafts are super cute and fun to make. If you’re a beach baby at heart, you are going to love these.  We have rounded up home decor projects

Refreshing Summer Drink Recipessave

Refreshing Summer Drink Recipes

Janine Banuelos — 06/20/2022

It’s a hot one out there. These refreshing summer drink recipes will be very welcome on the next hot and humid summer day! These beverages are easy to make and oh so tasty. Serve them at your next get-together or

10 Ways to Welcome Summersave

10 Ways to Welcome Summer

Cyn Gagen — 06/17/2022

Summer is right around the corner and we are ready! Today, we’re sharing 10 ways to welcome summer that you are going to love. These ideas will get you ready for the summer season in a flash. save 10 Ways

The Best Camping Hackssave

The Best Camping Hacks

Janine Banuelos — 06/15/2022

Are you ready to head out on a camping trip this summer? If so, you have got to check out these amazing camping hacks that we have rounded up for you.  Camping is a lot of fun, but if you

Summer Slow Cooker Recipessave

Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

Janine Banuelos — 06/13/2022

Don’t think you can use your slow cooker in the summer? Actually, this is a perfect time to use it since, unlike the oven, it won’t heat up the whole house. You’re going to love these summer slow cooker recipes! 

The BEST Beach Hackssave

The BEST Beach Hacks

Janine Banuelos — 06/10/2022

Are you heading to the beach this summer? It’s one of our favorite places to go. The difference between a great beach day and a not-so-great beach day is being prepared. That’s why we have rounded up the BEST beach

Summer Fun for Kidssave

Summer Fun for Kids

Janine Banuelos — 06/08/2022

Running out of ideas for keeping the kids busy this summer? We’ve got you covered. We have rounded up some of our favorite summer fun for kids ideas to share with you here.  Choose from crafts, games, snacks, and other

Delicious Summer Salad Recipessave

Delicious Summer Salad Recipes

Janine Banuelos — 06/06/2022

It’s summertime and that means we are eating as much fresh summer produce as possible. That’s why we decided to round up a bunch of delicious summer salad recipes! It’s easy to get into a rut when making salads, but