How To Build a Fire Pit

Rachel Langston — 11/29/2018

  Now that the weather is cooler everyone is wanting to make fires on cool fall evenings, including me! I love roasting marshmallows and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa by the fire. This summer I decided to make my

DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas

Rachel Langston — 11/27/2018

Fall is still going! It’s not officially winter until December 21st! That means we still have time to make some DIY Fall Home Decor Ideas like these. All of these projects are made with files from Makers Gonna Learn! It’s a digital

Understanding Sewing Machine Needles

Tanner Bell — 11/26/2018

Understanding sewing machine needles can really help you take your sewing to the next level. It will also help you better identify and solve problems during the sewing process. A lot of troubleshooting can be done by making sure you

DIY Holiday Potholder – Cricut Christmas Gift Idea

Rachel Langston — 11/25/2018

I Love making handmade projects for the holiday season, and I know my friends and family appreciate the time I put into making great personalized gifts. Today I’m going to share a video with you on how to make your

Easy Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Rachel Langston — 11/23/2018

The best way to warm up during the winter months is hands down a nice hot cup of Slow Cooker Apple Cider! It’s one of the simplest slow cooker recipes I’ve ever found, you will love it. You simply just throw

Easy DIY Cricut Christmas Crafts

Rachel Langston — 11/21/2018

It’s almost Christmas and I absolutely love decorating my home for the holidays. Making Christmas crafts is so much fun. Today I want to share a ton of our favorite Easy DIY Cricut Christmas Crafts that you’ll want to make this

Simple Healthy Recipes

Mary Aurellano — 11/19/2018

Many people thought that preparing healthy foods needs to have a lot of ingredients and can be a lot of work! But you know what? It doesn’t have to be. If you’re a person who’s always on-the-go and you don’t

How to Sew a Hem That Is Prefect Every Time

Courtney Chambers — 11/17/2018

This may be the most common technique needed in sewing. I want you all to have the most success in your sewing projects as possible because I know from experience that it is way more fun when your projects turn

Outdoor Christmas Light Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 11/16/2018

Christmas is just around the corner! Light up your home and be merry and bright with these Outdoor Christmas Light Ideas.  Christmas decorating shouldn’t be costly and you don’t have to go all out. There’s just something magical about a house

DIY Christmas Paper Crafts

Rachel Langston — 11/15/2018

I love making crafts during Christmas. Most of the time I’m making larger home decor projects but I’ve decided to make some simpler paper crafts this holiday season. I wanted to get creative and think of some super useful DIY Christmas

10 Camping Ideas You Probably Didn’t Know

Mary Aurellano — 11/14/2018

Camping can be intimidating if you haven’t tried it before. It can also be scary if it’s your first time. For me, camping is an exciting, fun and healthy way to spend with your friends and family. It’s a great

New Years Party Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 11/14/2018

Don’t settle for boring New Years Eve parties and try these New Years Party Ideas that I rounded up just for you! Like any other parties, throwing a party for the New Year shouldn’t be costly. What’s important is that everyone