St Patrick Day Party Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 02/13/2018

St Patrick’s day is coming up and if you or someone you know is going to host a party, they need to see this great roundup! Party planning is stressful and can be expensive, which is why DIYing is the

DIY Apartment Decor

Mary Aurellano — 02/12/2018

Apartments are great. Most times they’re a persons first big move, and renting an apartment can be so liberating. One thing a lot of people don’t think about when they finally fly the coop is that now they have their

DIY Felt Conversation Heart Pillows

Tanner Bell — 02/11/2018

Create your own DIY Felt Conversation Heart Pillows with your Cricut Maker. We love how this is a perfect sewing project with your Cricut Maker. You’re going to be able to customize these with any Iron On that you would

Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Mary Aurellano — 02/10/2018

I know we all can get busy at times but that shouldn’t mean we get lazy or stop having date nights with our significant others. It can be hard to plan dates or maybe there’s not much to do in

High Impact DIYs On a Budget

Mary Aurellano — 02/09/2018

I love to craft, I enjoy making all sorts of things, but the things I love making the most are the projects that serve a great purpose. Like furniture flips and DIY organization ideas, things that benefit my home. Sometimes

Cheap Organic Ways To Freshen Up Your Home

Mary Aurellano — 02/08/2018

Everyone loves a great smelling home, but no one likes the harmful chemicals that are in some of our favorite home air fresheners. The great thing is you’d be surprised at just how many great Cheap Organic Ways To Freshen Up Your

Awesome Tips For Your Next Flight

Rachel Hensley — 02/07/2018

If you or someone you know is about to go on a trip and fly on a plane, share this post with them! Whether you’ve never flown before or you visit the airport on a regular basis, you may need

Cheap Dollar Store Life Hacks

Mary Aurellano — 02/06/2018

Let’s get real, sometimes you can find some real gems at the dollar store. I love going in there and just seeing what items have potential. It’s so much easier than you think to create something incredible from a dollar

DIY Wall Art from Gift Wrap

Courtney Chambers — 02/05/2018

I am always looking around for new ways to decorate my walls. I especially love when I find awesome ideas that won’t break the bank like this DIY wall art from gift wrap! While spending just a few dollars, you

DIY Rug- you won’t believe how it’s made!

Courtney Chambers — 02/05/2018

If you sew at all I’m sure you have tons of fabric laying around, and also keep some rolls of your favorite patterns you like to use for some great projects. Even if you don’t sew, but you’re out in town and

Brilliant Closet Organization Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 02/04/2018

It’s 2018, and I know all of your closets could use a little TLC. Now is the perfect time to get organizing, and we’ve rounded up a bunch of great Brilliant Closet Organization Ideas that you’ll love. The best thing about