Stylish Summer Accessories Any Teen Will Love

Rachel Hensley — 07/28/2018

Now that summer is in full swing, I thought now is a great time to show you all how to DIY some summer fashion. I know we all like to stay cool in the summer and with these projects you’ll be

Cute DIY Tote Bag – Bless This Mess

Rachel Hensley — 07/26/2018

I love love love tote bags! I probably have way too many but you can use them for everything. I use mine at the pool, at the beach, for a weekend trip, as a purse, as a suitcase, you name

Cricut Cutting Mats

Mary Aurellano — 07/25/2018

If you’re a Cricut Machine owner you know how important Cricut Mats are for your crafts and projects. Cricut mats come in various sizes and types and It’s really important to use the appropriate mats based on the materials required for

DIY Revamped Swimsuit

Rachel Hensley — 07/24/2018

Everyone knows it’s hard to find cute swimsuits anymore! It’s hard for me to even find my size in a swimsuit most of the time let alone a cute one! Most of the time I’m stuck with the mass made, boring

Funny DIY Sweatshirt

Rachel Hensley — 07/22/2018

It’s no secret that I love sweatshirts. I wear them all year if I can. They’re so comfortable and I love how your sweatshirt can reflect your style and mood. I have so many sweatshirts but I wanted to DIY

DIY Matching Pajama Set -BFF Gift Idea

Rachel Hensley — 07/20/2018

I love pajamas. I have way too many pairs of pajamas but they’re all so comfy I just can’t let them go! Last week I added to my collection even more. My friend and I are going on a trip

How to make a DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Courtney Chambers — 07/18/2018

Y’all this is by far my favorite project to date and I am so excited to be sharing it with you today! I had this huge empty wall in my living room that needed to some DIY wall art and

DIY Baby Onesie

Rachel Hensley — 07/18/2018

All my friends are getting married. It seems like in the past year I’ve been to so many weddings! Of course, after marriage, you know that babies are on everyone’s mind! I can’t wait for my friends to start having babies,

Popsicle Keychain – Teen Summer Craft

Rachel Hensley — 07/16/2018

Who doesn’t love summer? I love making fun crafts in the summertime. I also love making projects with my friends. I love seeing how different my friends’ creativity is compared to mine. I got all my friends together to make

Gender Reveal Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 07/15/2018

Gender reveal parties are so special! I love enjoying time with family and friends waiting to be surprised. There is so many classic gender reveal ideas that you all probably know. But I guarantee there are a few in this list that

Revamped Wooden Planter

Rachel Hensley — 07/14/2018

Now that summer is here we need to get our houses ready! It’s time to put away all the old decor and make some new and fun DIY summer home decor. The projects don’t have to be super hard. Everyone