Iron-On Stuffed Animals With The Cricut BrightPad

Rachel Langston — 02/06/2019

  I’m super excited to share today’s project with you all. We used the wonderful Cricut BrightPad to weed the ever difficult Cricut Glitter Iron-On, and it was a huge success. If you ever notice it difficult to weed certain

Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Mary Aurellano — 02/06/2019

    Spring just isn’t complete without making Easter crafts, especially if you have little ones at home. It’s always fun to get busy with the family, making some cute Easter eggs or some simple home decor. If you are

Travel Packing Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Rachel Langston — 01/27/2019

  What’s going on everyone? I want to talk to you all about packing for a trip! I know it seems crazy but I LOVE packing for trips. I love getting organized and making lists and never feeling like I’m

Weight Loss Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Rachel Langston — 01/25/2019

  Hey everyone! It’s almost the new year and lot’s of people like to make a healthy change in their lives when a new year rolls around. A few years ago I made some changes and lost 70 pounds in

Easy Cricut Valentine’s Day Gift Idea

Rachel Langston — 01/23/2019

I can’t believe It’s almost February! January has flown by. Good thing we still have time to make some cute Valentine’s Day crafts with your Cricut Maker. If you’re looking for a fun and Easy Cricut Valentine’s Day Gift Idea, this

How To Remove Iron-On

Rachel Langston — 01/23/2019

  So many people are enjoying their Iron-On projects. I love working with HTV and I use it almost daily. One thing that gets tricky is when you’ve finished an Iron-On project and it didn’t turn out exactly how you

The Ultimate Guide to Exam Success

Courtney Chambers — 01/22/2019

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cengage Unlimited.  The opinions and text are all mine. I don’t like when I feel unprepared for a test, especially when I thought I studied adequately! I have always wondered if

Easy Cricut Wedding Crafts

Rachel Langston — 01/21/2019

  I’m excited to share a few more craft tutorials from my wedding with you guys! Both of these DIY projects I made with my Cricut Maker. They both took no time at all to make. I really enjoyed sitting

DIY Donut Box With The Cricut Scoring Wheel

Rachel Langston — 01/21/2019

  I love making new fun projects with my Cricut Maker. I was looking around for some Make It Now projects I could make on a crafty afternoon and I found the perfect one. I saw this Donut Box Make It Now

The Best of The Cricut Rotary Blade

Rachel Langston — 01/21/2019

  Today I want to talk all about the Cricut Rotary Blade. If you have a Cricut Maker then it’s your lucky day. With the Adaptive Tool System, you can create endless projects. You can cut anything from paper to

Cricut Scoring Wheel Education

Rachel Langston — 01/21/2019

  If you love making new things with your Cricut Maker, you have to get the Scoring Wheel. Even if you have a scoring stylus, the Scoring Wheel is a game changer! Cricut has a Single Scoring Wheel and a

Bathroom Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Mary Aurellano — 01/19/2019

Hey everyone! Today on the blog we are going to share with you 10 Bathroom Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know. These hacks are definitely a must try! From towels to toiletries, these hacks will surely improve your bathroom and will help it to