DIY Ice Cream In a Bag

Rachel Hensley — 06/06/2018

If you’ve read the title then you’re probably thinking it’s too good to be true; America’s favorite frozen treat made in a bag? Well, you’re not dreaming! Not only is making this DIY Ice Cream In a Bag possible it’s actually

Must-Know Tips for Weeding Vinyl

Mary Aurellano — 06/05/2018

Weeding is the process we use on removing the vinyl we don’t want in our design. Some people are having trouble doing it, while others are weeding like a pro. I’ve been weeding for years now and I would love

DIY Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

Courtney Chambers — 06/04/2018

I have been wearing makeup more recently, because #adulting. I have found that the best thing to use to take it off at night is  JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil. I am telling you it will come off like a dream without any

DIYs To Get You Beach Ready

Rachel Hensley — 06/04/2018

Every spring I start getting excited because I know in the summer we’ll be going to the beach! I love the beach and enjoying the sun and the sand. Before our beach vacations, I always like to make some fun DIYs that

How To Clean And Re-Stick Your Cricut Cutting Mats

Mary Aurellano — 06/03/2018

Hi everyone! Today I decided to share with you a question that I’m getting asked all the time. How do you clean your Cricut Mats? First, I just want to say that Cricut doesn’t recommend for you to clean your

The Best Babysitting Crafts Ever

Rachel Hensley — 06/02/2018

Let’s talk about babysitting! I have been babysitting one family for almost five years now. It’s amazing watching the kids grow and change and learn. Kids love to do all sorts of things but when it comes to kid crafts,

DIY Racetrack Letter Wall Art

Courtney Chambers — 06/01/2018

Momma, I know how hard it can be hard to find crafts to do with your little boys which is why I am sharing this DIY Racetrack Letter Wall Art. Pinterest is full of glittery pink butterfly and fairy crafts for

How To Write and Cut with Your Cricut

Mary Aurellano — 06/01/2018

Your Cricut machine can really make a lot of awesome things! We already made a tutorial about Print and Cut. So, I decided to share with you on How to Write and Cut with your Cricut and you won’t believe

DIY Confetti Eggs

Courtney Chambers — 05/31/2018

I am so hype to be writing this post because you all need to know about the awesomeness that is DIY Confetti Eggs! They are exactly what they sound like- eggs filled with confetti. These would be great to make

How To Use Cricut Printable Vinyl

Mary Aurellano — 05/30/2018

If you have a Cricut Maker you know that Cricut gives you endless possibilities when it comes to making awesome and beautiful DIY projects. So, today we’re going to share with you one of the many features of Print and

Mason Jar Photo Frame Vase

Rachel Hensley — 05/29/2018

I love DIY home decor. I love the freedom and personalization you have when making your own decor. You don’t have to pay department store prices and you have a one-of-a-kind piece that you can be proud of. Today I’m going