Candy Wrapper Headband Tutorialsave

Candy Wrapper Headband Tutorial

Tanner Bell — 08/29/2013

Today I’m featuring a post by BiblioBags, a etsy/blog! She has tons of great ideas! I totally recommend you checking her out. Have you ever wanted a Candy Wrapper Headband? save Wow, what a really cool teen craft! This is something

20 Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideassave

20 Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas

Tanner Bell — 08/26/2013

save Hey, everyone! Last week the amazing Courtney shared 25 Teenage Girl Room Decor ideas. Have you seen it? I recommend it to anyone that is decorating a girls room. This week I decided to share 20 Teenage Boy Decor

Adjustable Headbandssave

Adjustable Headbands

Courtney Chambers — 08/24/2013

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday! I am in love with these adjustable headbands I made! I have a very odd shaped head and I have never found a headband that will actually stay on my head for more 5 minutes. no

Scrapbook Process Video with Jordan Haseksave

Scrapbook Process Video with Jordan Hasek

Jordan Hasek — 08/22/2013

Hi Everyone, I’m Jordan Hasek a 14 year old young crafter. I started scrapbooking in 2012 and I have been loving it ever since. I’ve always done art so it made sense that I would enjoy scrapbooking. I love to

25 Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideassave

25 Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideas

Courtney Chambers — 08/19/2013

Hey Everyone! Today on the blog I thought I would share with you some really fun Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideas. Your bedroom is a place that should resemble you and that makes you happy. What better way to achieve

Cute Candy Canisterssave

Cute Candy Canisters

Courtney Chambers — 08/16/2013

Who doesn’t love candy?! Nobody. I love candy! If you are ever stumped on what to give me as a gift, well candy is going to be your best friend! While candy alone is great, imagine receiving it in a

Quick Thank You Cardsave

Quick Thank You Card

Courtney Chambers — 08/14/2013

Hey Everyone, Today is a great day! Its hump day, it’s sunny, it’s summer, and i have a video for you! I got to spend this past weekend with my darling cousin, Jen, in New York! (if you are reading

Towel Rack Surfboardsave

Towel Rack Surfboard

Tanner Bell — 08/13/2013

Today on the blog were featuring a Towel Rack Surfboard, By Cheri! This is the perfect for any Kids bathroom, The surfboard is something that I want in MY bathroom. Now I’m going to call it a Kid/Teen home decor

Personalized Aztec Lunch Bagsave

Personalized Aztec Lunch Bag

Courtney Chambers — 08/12/2013

save Hey Everyone! Today I am really excited to share with you my latest creation! I used my newest must have crafting product: Craft Attitude! Its so fun, so let’s hop right in and I will show you all about

Teen Crafts that AREN’T stupidsave

Teen Crafts that AREN’T stupid

Tanner Bell — 08/12/2013

save Check Out How To Make This Sharpie Dot Mug! [adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”ksybJbVO” upload-date=”2018-04-30T13:15:33.000Z” name=”Sharpie Dot Mug” description=”Today on the blog I’m sharing Teen Crafts that AREN’T Stupid! Why do you ask? As I was researching teen crafts I found this

How to Paint An Ombré Wallsave

How to Paint An Ombré Wall

Tanner Bell — 08/09/2013

Have you ever wondered How to Paint An Ombré Wall? Today we are featuring a post that teaches you how! The blog is called, Just like the number.  save Ombre is loved by many, hated by few. I seriously don’t know

FREE Toilet Room Makeoversave

FREE Toilet Room Makeover

Tanner Bell — 08/08/2013

Today on A Little Craft In Your Day, Were featuring Mandy! She is a Mom, Blogger, Gun Shooting, and make up Lover! When I first saw this, I was in love. It is totally mind blowing at how someone can