Paint Chip Halloween Craftsave

Paint Chip Halloween Craft

Tanner Bell — 10/10/2013

Today I am featuring another fun kid craft for halloween! I am lovin’ these. Today we are recycling all your paint chips. Were featuring Liz @ save   I saw this neat idea and thought everyone needs to make them!

Buid-A-Monster Blocks Using Wood Attitudesave

Buid-A-Monster Blocks Using Wood Attitude

Tanner Bell — 10/09/2013

save   Do you love Halloween? I know I do, It’s just a fun time of the year. My good friend Jonathan Fong has made these Build-A-Monster Blocks. Aren’t they super creative? I think I will have to make these.

Arby’s NEW Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich!save

Arby’s NEW Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich!

Tanner Bell — 10/08/2013

This post brought to you by Arby’s. All opinions are 100% mine. How are you all today? I don’t have a tutorial for you today. BUT,  I am super excited be able to share something YUMMY with you today. Are

Homemade Chocolate Chip Browniessave

Homemade Chocolate Chip Brownies

Tanner Bell — 10/08/2013

Today on the blog I am featuring a fantastic and oh so yummy brownie recipe by I am so excited to share it with you. save   This is such a awesome recipe! I love fudgy brownies, they are always the

2×4 Halloween Characterssave

2×4 Halloween Characters

Tanner Bell — 10/07/2013

How are you all today? I am featuring the blog, keeping it simple that I actually read her blog quiet a bit and when I saw this post from back in 2011, I really wanted to feature it. save  

Mummy Halloween Craft & Free Printablesave

Mummy Halloween Craft & Free Printable

Tanner Bell — 10/04/2013

What is going on guys? Halloween is coming up and I know you are looking for some fun DIY’s to do with the kids! Today I am featuring a post from the amazing Jill @ Everyday Is a Occasion! save

DIY Halloween Wreath!!save

DIY Halloween Wreath!!

Tanner Bell — 10/03/2013

Today I am featuring one of my Favorite Youtubers, Heykayli. She is such a fun DIY lifestyle vlogger! She shares tons of DIY’s and we both love Mod Podge. save Are you looking for a little DIY Halloween home decor?

Pumpkin Tea Light Candlessave

Pumpkin Tea Light Candles

Courtney Chambers — 10/03/2013

save Hey Everyone! Its fall! I love fall! I love seeing the trees change color, the temperature is perfect, and pumpkins! I have an obsession with mini pumpkins. They are just so darn cute I can’t help myself! I went

DIY Football Necklace Featuring : Clearsnapsave

DIY Football Necklace Featuring : Clearsnap

Tanner Bell — 10/02/2013

save Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday, how are you doing today? I am sharing a really fun video tutorial with you today. Fall time means Football season! I love football, but sometimes you can’t afford all the cool swag for your

14 DIY Halloween Costumessave

14 DIY Halloween Costumes

Courtney Chambers — 09/30/2013

save Hey Everyone! Happy October! 30 days to halloween!  Maybe a good time to starting making your costume,  or at least pin it to your board, and make it October 30th. Either way works, but here are some really cool

Laura Kelly Popcorn Box Bloghop!save

Laura Kelly Popcorn Box Bloghop!

Tanner Bell — 09/30/2013

save   Hey everyone welcome to the Halloween Popcorn Box BlogHop! I am so excited you are here today. Are you as big of a fan of halloween as me? I LOVE halloween. It’s for sure one of my top