Inspiration is Everywhere!save

Inspiration is Everywhere!

Courtney Chambers — 04/03/2013

save            Hey Everyone, Yesterday I was thinking a lot about the difference of being inspired and copying someone’s idea. I still don’t know how far is too far or how different your creation has to

DIY | Button Lamp Shadesave

DIY | Button Lamp Shade

Tanner Bell — 04/01/2013

save   Hey EVERYONE! Tanner here!   Today I have a DIY video sponsored by    I wanted to make a super fun, Spring Lamp shade. That way you can buy different ones and decorate it. Then change it

FYI- Sanding before Mod Podging!save

FYI- Sanding before Mod Podging!

Tanner Bell — 03/28/2013

save   HEYYYY Everyone! Happy Thursday! I have been extremely busy lately with everything that I’ve been doing. But today I wanted to share with a video I made for Above Rubies studio today! Here’s the Video : View Below

10 Recipes under 10 Ingredientssave

10 Recipes under 10 Ingredients

Tanner Bell — 03/26/2013

save Hey, everyone! Tanner and Courtney here. We have our first round up post for you today! It’s one of our favorite topics, desserts!  Who doesn’t love eating Sweets?! We eat maybe too much, But Hey, It’s just SO good. There

DIY Chevron Traysave

DIY Chevron Tray

Courtney Chambers — 03/25/2013

save Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! Today I have a DIY project to share with you all! This chevron tray is a trendy and inexpensive way to decorate you home or serve treats on! What suplies will you need? save  

Blast Off!save

Blast Off!

Courtney Chambers — 03/21/2013

Hey Everyone! Today is such an exciting day! We are super excited for you to be here at A Little Craft In Your Day as we embark on this crazy fun adventure! save If you are not familiar with us,

Be Happy!save

Be Happy!

Courtney Chambers — 02/08/2013

No matter what life throws at you, there is ALWAYS something to be happy about! (You are never fully dressed without a smile!) Today’s card is intended to remind the receipiant of just that! I think the colors are just happy colors!

Yarn Picture Framesave

Yarn Picture Frame

Courtney Chambers — 02/08/2013

Hey Everyone!! As you may or may not know, I am truly a card maker. But it is fun to kind of think out of the box and make something to decorate your home or someone else’s! On Wednesday I took PSATs and had

Button Rainbow Cardsave

Button Rainbow Card

Courtney Chambers — 02/08/2013

Today I have a fun and bright card to share with you. I made this to try to bring a smile to my friend’s face while she is going through a tough time. I wanted her to know that I

DIY: Turning a iPad box to a memory box!save

DIY: Turning a iPad box to a memory box!

Tanner Bell — 01/28/2013

Hey Blogging friends!! How are you all today?  save Well, Today I’m going to be sharing with you a little DIY Project I was working on this week. It’s pretty fun and since ALMOST everyone I know either has a