Me & My Peeps Blog Hop!save

Me & My Peeps Blog Hop!

Tanner Bell — 07/05/2013

Hey Everyone! Today is THE day! The day for the Me and My Peeps Blog Hop! I am supper excited to be a part of this amazing group of crafters in this event and being able to feature Laura Kelly’s

DIY Cake Standsave

DIY Cake Stand

Tanner Bell — 07/04/2013

Happy 4th of July! Today I had a video to share, But I thought I will share it tomorrow since everyone is busy with the fantastic holiday! Anyway, I want to feature a fantastic blogger named Megan. She is a

Patriotic Tin Can Windsockssave

Patriotic Tin Can Windsocks

Tanner Bell — 07/03/2013

save Are you in need of a last minute DIY 4th of July craft for the kids? Don’t you worry one bit- I’ve gotcha covered! Today I’m sharing with you a really cool craft I found at Fun Holiday Crafts.

Baseball String Bracelet :: DIYsave

Baseball String Bracelet :: DIY

Tanner Bell — 07/02/2013

I really love Baseball, Don’t you? Maybe not you, But think of someone in your family that does. Today I’m featuring this awesome Baseball String Bracelet by I can find the time! save I used to play baseball ever since I

Bowdabra Christmas in Julysave

Bowdabra Christmas in July

Courtney Chambers — 07/01/2013

Hey Everyone! Today I am so excited to be doing my first post as a Designer for Bowdabra! Bowdabra is an amazing Company with fabulous and life saving inventions and amazingly kind people! I even made a video! Its all

14 Photo Frame Ideassave

14 Photo Frame Ideas

Tanner Bell — 06/24/2013

save Today on the blog, I’m sharing 14 Photo frame ideas!! I LOVE frames and there amazing to document pictures and decorate you’re home! I love taking photos but sometimes I don’t have anywhere to display them! Sometimes i want

Modern & Bright Easy Gift Card Tagssave

Modern & Bright Easy Gift Card Tags

Tanner Bell — 06/21/2013

Today were featuring one of mine and Courtney’s favorite bloggers, Damask Love! save   Amber (Blogger at Damask Love) has excellent picture taking skills and is a amazing designer! I don’t know about you, but I’m always needing something simple

How to make Bubbles that bouncesave

How to make Bubbles that bounce

Tanner Bell — 06/19/2013

Do you want to know how to make bubbles that bounce? save I was looking for fun summer DIY projects for my little cousins to make and stumbled apon this great post at Play at home mom. They love playing

Washer Necklace with Washi Tapesave

Washer Necklace with Washi Tape

Courtney Chambers — 06/19/2013

Hey Everyone!! Today I have a really fun project that both teens and adults will love to create and wear! The materials you need might surprise you, its not found in the jewelry section of the craft store rather at

Kid Friendly Summer Craftssave

Kid Friendly Summer Crafts

Courtney Chambers — 06/17/2013

save Are you in need of some simple but fun activities for you kids to do this summer? I am excited to share with you these 10 Kid Friendly Summer Crafts that I know I would have LOVED and maybe

DIY Garden Markersave

DIY Garden Marker

Courtney Chambers — 06/15/2013

Hey everyone!! What a gorgeous summer day!! The perfect day for some gardening! I just planted some herbs and wanted a way to remember which was which, but a cuter way then those paper tabs that came in the pot.

Blast from the Pastsave

Blast from the Past

Courtney Chambers — 06/12/2013

save Hey everyone!! I thought today was the perfect time to take a look back on good old times! Yesterday I went out to lunch with my great aunts and uncles that i haven’t seen in forever! We did a