DIY Pallet Projects

Mary Aurellano — 11/13/2018

One of my favorite things to use when crafting is pallets. I love to make Pallet projects because it’s so versatile and you can make any kind of project with them. There are a lot of old pallets in our

DIY Christmas Party Ideas

Rachel Langston — 11/12/2018

With Christmas right around the corner, I wanted to show you all some great Christmas craft ideas perfect for your party. I love hosting holiday parties and I like finding ways to save money like DIYing some decor and things

Tons of Scrap Fabric Sewing Projects

Courtney Chambers — 11/11/2018

Sewing is my favorite thing to do, but buying fabric is a close second! I had a huge stash of scrap fabric leftover from bigger projects that I didn’t know what to do with. I went on a search for

Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids

Rachel Langston — 11/10/2018

I love making Christmas crafts! Sometimes when the adults are getting ready for the holidays we leave the kiddos out without meaning to. Today I want to show you some really fun Easy Christmas Crafts For Kids that you’re going to love.

Fun DIY Christmas Ornaments With Your Cricut

Rachel Langston — 11/09/2018

  I love making DIY ornaments! Today I want to share with you three beautiful DIY ornament ideas you will love. All of these beautiful quotes and designs are from Makers Gonna Learn. It’s a membership website created for die

DIY Holiday Decor With Your Cricut

Rachel Langston — 11/08/2018

I love Christmas. It’s the time of year where we can celebrate the birth of Christ and enjoy time with our loved ones. I also love getting to decorate my house for the holidays, and that means crafting! I never

New Years DIY Decor

Mary Aurellano — 11/08/2018

Hello everyone, I can’t believe that 2018 is almost over! Time really does fly so fast. Me and my family are planning to throw a party to celebrate the upcoming year, and the best way to prepare is adding some New Years

10 Baking Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Mary Aurellano — 11/07/2018

Hi everyone! Aside from cooking (and crafting!) one of my favorite past times is baking. I’ve been baking for quite some time now and these Baking Hacks not only helped me save my time and money, but it also makes my

DIY Cricut Snowflake Coasters

Rachel Langston — 11/07/2018

I love crafting for Christmas, especially good crafts that have a purpose. In the stress of the holiday, it feels so good to step back and take some relaxing time while making some fun and functional decor. Crafting has always

DIY TOTE BAG PATTERN- How to Sew a Tote Bag

Courtney Chambers — 11/06/2018

Who here is ready for a super fun sewing tutorial? I have been dying to share this DIY tote bag pattern-how to sew a tote bag with you all and today is finally the day! If you have ever wanted

DIY Cricut Holiday Home Decor

Rachel Langston — 11/06/2018

Christmas is called the most wonderful time of the year for a reason. I love to DIY during the holiday season, it really brings me a lot of joy. Not only do I enjoy making some DIY gifts for my

DIY Laundry Room Ideas

Courtney Chambers — 11/05/2018

Hey Y’all! Doing laundry is no fun, I can personally attest to that and I am sure you can too. Doing laundry in a cute and functional laundry room can make it a little bit better though. That is why