Great Crafts for Teens to Make with Their Friendssave

Great Crafts for Teens to Make with Their Friends

Janine Banuelos — 05/06/2022

If you love to get together and make craft projects with your friends, you’re going to love this post. These are Great Crafts for Teens to Make with Their Friends – get together for a crafternoon or a fun evening

Fun Screen Free Activities for the Whole Familysave

Fun Screen Free Activities for the Whole Family

Janine Banuelos — 05/04/2022

Life is so much different now in this age of technology. Technology is great, no doubt, but sometimes we forget to have quality time away from any digital devices? We think so and that’s why we rounded up these Fun

Chocolate Recipes You’re Going to Lovesave

Chocolate Recipes You’re Going to Love

Janine Banuelos — 05/02/2022

I can’t say that I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t like chocolate. Oh, I’m sure they exist, but it seems like a love of chocolate is pretty popular. That is why we rounded up these Chocolate Recipes You’re Going to

Toy Storage Ideassave

Toy Storage Ideas

Janine Banuelos — 04/29/2022

Are toys taking over your house? We have some really fantastic Toy Storage Ideas to share with you today. These creative ideas will help you keep those toys organized and easily accessible. Best of all, these ideas are cute and

DIY Floral Craftssave

DIY Floral Crafts

Janine Banuelos — 04/27/2022

If you love floral crafts, you must check out the ideas we have rounded up for you here. These DIY floral crafts use real flowers, dried flowers, pressed flowers, and artificial flowers to make some of the loveliest craft projects.

Delicious Peanut Butter Recipessave

Delicious Peanut Butter Recipes

Janine Banuelos — 04/25/2022

If you love peanut butter as much as we do, you’re going to love these delicious peanut butter recipes too. We have rounded up some of our favorite recipes using peanut butter as a key ingredient here and wow, there

DIY Fairy Garden Ideassave

DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

Janine Banuelos — 04/22/2022

Fairy gardens are so popular and we can understand why. They’re simply adorable! We’ve rounded up some fun DIY fairy garden ideas here and we think you’re going to love them. Create little imaginary worlds with your kids filled with

Kids Artwork Display Ideassave

Kids Artwork Display Ideas

Janine Banuelos — 04/20/2022

Kids bring home a lot of artwork they have created from school. They’re very proud of it and love to see it displayed in your home. But sometimes it can be tricky to figure out just how to do that.

Blackstone Griddle Recipes You’ll Lovesave

Blackstone Griddle Recipes You’ll Love

Janine Banuelos — 04/18/2022

We just got a Blackstone griddle and we LOVE it! We have already cooked some really delicious food on it but now we’re looking for even more ways to use it. So, we rounded up these Blackstone griddle recipes and

DIY Beginner Painting Projectssave

DIY Beginner Painting Projects

Janine Banuelos — 04/15/2022

Do you need to have an art degree to take on a painting project? The answer to that is very simple, and it’s no! Here are some DIY beginner painting projects perfect for anyone who thinks they can’t make art. 

DIY Graduation Giftssave

DIY Graduation Gifts

Janine Banuelos — 04/13/2022

It’s graduation season! If you’re like us, you’ve been looking for the perfect DIY graduation gifts to give to your favorite graduates. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite graduation ideas to share with you here.  These gifts are fun

Delicious Lamb Recipessave

Delicious Lamb Recipes

Janine Banuelos — 04/11/2022

Lamb is not one of the more common meats served for dinner, but it can be incredibly versatile. That’s why we have rounded up some delicious lamb recipes for you today.  There are so many different ways to prepare and