5/31 | Pom Pom Framed Photo Canvas- a great babysitting craft idea!

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Back in 2014, I started babysitting for this little family every summer and it has been such a great experience!  I enjoy working and playing with the kiddos so much but sometimes I run out of things to keep them occupied. I try to get creative but getting them interested in something can be hard. This will be my 5th summer taking care of the kids and I wanted to share with you one of the things that I have found to be super helpful and fun.  Each time I go over, I try to bring some craft supplies with a general kid craft idea in mind that I know they’ll love. Today I’m showing you this Pom Pom Framed Photo Canvas- a great babysitting craft idea! I love seeing the kids light up when I bring all of these fun supplies and tell them what we’re making. This project uses some of our favorite products from Kid Made Modern! Their products are amazing and high quality. This idea will not only keep the kids entertained but the babysitter as well!

Step One: Use your scissors to cut around your printed photos. If the kid you are watching doesn’t have cutting skills yet, you can do this part for them.
Step Two: With a paintbrush apply a light coat of decoupage medium onto the back of the photo and place it in the middle of the Kid Made Modern Artist Board. Add another thin layer of decoupage medium over the photo and around the edges. 
Step Three:
 Once it is dry, take your white glue and apply it around the edge of your photo. Place the  Kid Made Modern Pom Poms in the glue to create a frame. This can be the hard part as the kids may have a very different idea than you do on how it should look. The key here to let them do it however they would like. Giving them this creative freedom will instill confidence in them and make the process more enjoyable for them.
Step Four: Once the child is satisfied with their pom pom placement, allow the project to dry.
The kids will have such a fun time making this project. It only requires a few supplies and all the ones you get from Kid Made Modern are so great. They have all kinds of fun and unique craft kits, project supplies, apparel, and so much more! All of their products are safety tested as well so I can feel good about the products I’m giving to the kids! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and got inspired on how to get creative with the kiddos in your life!