3/31 | String Art Frame

Hey Guys!

Have you fallen head over heels for the string art crazy that has basically taken over Pinterest? If so this post is for you! I have been feeling really crafty lately, even more then usual. Last weekend I was just itching to give a wack at sting art and I was so impressed on how simple it was! I made this string art frame in 30 minutes!

Here is what I used to create my version:

  • Oval Frame- $1 at Michael’s
  • Lime Green Acrylic Paint
  • Foam Brush
  • Hot Pink Yarn
  • Small Nails
  • Hammer

First thing I did was paint my frame with the line green paint.

Next I started hammering nails around the inner edge one inch apart.

Then I hammered nails around the outer edge also one inch apart, but in between the inner nails. 

I then chose a starting point and knotted my yarn around that nail. 

Now this is the trickiest part, but I promise once you get the hang of it, it is super simple. You want to wrap your yarn in a zig zag fashion while wrapping around each nail. Here’s a tip! Have the yarn pass each nail on the right side and loop around to the left- if you keep up this pattern you won’t have any problems! 

Add a cute pic of you and your best friend and Whala! You have now made an awesome string art frame that is right on trend!