10/31 | Thanksgiving Craft For Kids

Halloween is right around the corner, then before you know it Thanksgiving will be here and then Christmas. I know one of the struggles all parents have is keeping their kids entertained while they clean the house for the family coming for the holidays, or while they’re cooking, or to just keep them from getting so bored during school break. Today I have a perfect Thanksgiving Craft For Kids to have them do while you’re cooking, and they can recycle those pumpkin puree cans from that pumpkin pie you were making earlier. This is a tutorial for cute DIY Turkey Windsocks and they turned out so great and can double as decor that your family will love.


One- Take your can outside and spray a few coats of brown spray paint, then allow it to dry completely. Then Paint on It’s orange beak, you may have to add a few coats of this too, then glue on his eyes.

Two- Now cut out some yellow, red, and orange construction paper into feather shapes and add a string of glue in the top of the can and add some paper feathers.

Four- Now cut a piece of ribbon and glue it to each side in the top of the can so you can hang him up. Then cut out a teardrop shape out of the red felt to be his wattle.

Five- Now cut all your different ribbons and glue them inside the bottom of the can, they look best when they don’t all match. Once dry you have a cute DIY Turkey Windsock!