10/31 | 22 DIY Lamp Revamps

Finding the perfect lamp can tend to be a challenge. There are so many out there it seems like finding one that’s right for you and your style is nearly impossible. Thanks to the beauty of DIY, that won’t be a problem anymore. There are so many different ideas for DIYing your lamp. Most of them are super simple, and don’t forget about the savings! Lamps even at discount stores such as Home Goods can cost a pretty penny. To save some money and create a one of a kind lamp, here are 22 Lamp Revamp Ideas for your viewing pleasure.


[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”b9xSoDNm” upload-date=”2018-05-16T16:12:01.000Z” name=”DIY Paint Stick Lampshade” description=”I’ve seen some pretty cool ideas using paint stir sticks before but this DIY paint stick lampshade is amazing! It’s the perfect afternoon project to add a unique feature to your space.”]

1. Ping Pong Ball Lamp 

2. Fabric Wrapped Lampshade 

3. Elegant Pink Bow Lamp

4. Rope Lamp 

5. Lightbulb Doodle Pendant

6. Globe Lamp

7. Tu-Tu Lamp 

8. Straws Lampshade 

9. Wall Lamp 

10. Geometric Chipboard Pendant

11. Lace Doily Lamp 

12. Ombre Paper Lamp 

13. Instagram Lampshade

14. Lamp from a Jug 

15. City Scape Lampshade 

16. Rope Lamp 

17. Paint Stirrer Pendant 

18. Sweater Lampshade 

19. Newspaper Lamp 

20. Tin Can Lamp 

21. Top Hat Lamp 

22. Woven Ribbon Lampshade 

Didn’t these DIY lamp projects turn out amazing? You have to tell your friends about all the great project ideas in this list. They make great DIY summer projects when you’re bored and really any other time, too! Leave us a comment telling us your favorite lamp revamp we’ve done!

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