Back in 2012, we met at a big trade show in the craft industry and became aware of a hole in the market- DIY for the Next Generation. There were some kid crafts, but a whole lot of nothing for the people in our generation. It was then that we stopped trying to do what everyone else was doing and when we started doing what we were good at and what made us stand out. A Little Craft In Your Day was born as a creative outlet and platform where creative individuals could go not only for inspiration but to also learn new techniques. To this day we still focus on the next generation and so on our site you will see a lot of content that was produced with that in mind. You’ll see lots of content for beginner Cricuters and beginner sewing projects. You’ll also see lots of bright colors because they make us happy and hope they make you smile too!



I wish I could meet each one of you in person and just sit down and craft with you. Sadly that’s not possible, so I thought here I would share some things you would learn about me if we could.

– I love Jesus and I love mini M&Ms but I love Jesus way more.
– I am a homebody. My home is my favorite place but home for me is anywhere surrounded by just my close family and friends.
– I LOVE a good bargain. Like I cannot leave a store with a good deal still on the self. Even if I don’t need it. I know it is a problem but I’m not sure if I want to change it yet.
– Right now I am a Junior in college. Most people say I look 12 and act at least 30, so not many people believe this one.
– I love kids and my heart breaks over the hurt in the foster and adoption process. I have hopes and dreams of being a foster and adoptive mother.