9/30 | DIY Striped Rug

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Who wants to make a rug with their hands?! I know it sounds hard, but I promise it’s not. Once you get the hang of this hand knitting you will find it to be super fun and relaxing. Loop-It is a new product by Red Heart and it can seem a little intimidating, but after a little playing, you will realize it is actually very easy. When you start creating you realize the possibilities are almost endless as to what you can make with this awesome product and your hands. You could make anything from scarves to baby blankets and much more. Today we have a video for you sharing how to create a fun little DIY Striped Rug. I hope you enjoy learning how to use this great new product!

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If you prefer to follow written instructions, here they are!

  •  Red Heart Loop-It Yarn (YUP THAT’S IT!!)

  1. Decide how big you want the rug. I decided to make this rug about 17″x 24″ so I count 30 loops from the end and hold loop number 31. These are the measurements I will use throughout the tutorial.
  2. Twist the 31st loop around and using the next loop to the left from the ball of yarn pass the next loop through your twisted loop, and pull upwards.
  3. Repeat twisting and passing the next loop through until you’ve reached the end of your 30 loops.
  4. For the second row, simply twist the loop made from the previous row and pass the new loop through, going the opposite direction. You should work from right to left on your first row, and left to right on your second row, and so on and so forth. You’ll get the hang of it once you get into a rhythm!
  5. If you choose to make your rug more than one color it’s important to know when to stop and switch colors. I made 4 rows of each color and always switched colors on the right side of my rug after completing the 4th row of one color. To switch yarn colors all you do is open up the last stitch, creating a long piece of yarn. Then cut the piece of yarn making sure to leave some extra length.
  6. Tie the beginning of your new yarn to the cut piece of yarn from your previous color. Be sure to tie them so the loops are right next to each other.
  7. Once they’re tied, just trim the ends and continue twisting and passing as normal.
  8.  To finish off your mat, make your last row end on the right side.
  9. Starting on the left, pass the second loop through the first loop, pull upwards, and work the other loops the same way until you get to the last loop.
  10. Cut a small piece of the same color of yarn and tie the last loop to another loop in the row below. This should look natural.

Now you should have a perfect DIY bath mat! Don’t worry if it doesn’t look perfect. Just like any other technique, it will take practice.

What did you all think? I know by the time you finished your rug you felt like a Loop-It Pro! Now you can step out of the box and make all sorts of fun things. Taking the time to hand make something like this for a family member or friend would be the perfect DIY gift. I hope you had fun learning and getting inspired with Loop-It!