1/31 | How to Sew a Circle Pouch

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Guess what! I am here with the first sewing project of the year, and man is it a good one! I spent some time doing trial and error on it so that I could come up the best tutorial on how to sew a circle pouch and you could just do the fun part- the sewing! In a project like this one, the zipper is one of the most important parts. The Fashion Zipper from Coats was the first thing I picked out and I based the rest off of that. I am in love with how it all came together! It is the perfect little bag to keep things like nail polish in!

Step One: Trace and cut two 6 inch circles. I also drew a 5.5-inch circle centered on the back side of each one. This makes sewing with the correct seam allowance much easier. Also cut a 8.75 by 2.5 inch piece and two 1.5 by 8.75 inch pieces. 
Step Two: Place one of the 1.5 by 8.75 inch pieces down right side up on the table and then place the zipper teeth side down on top aligning the raw edges at the top.

Step Three: Stitch them together using a zipper foot on your machine.

Step Four: Repeat that same process on the other side of the zipper and then top stitch down both sides. Then trim the excess zipper off.
Step Five: Place the part with the zipper and the  8.75 by 2.5 inch piece right sides together and sew them together along both short sides. It will make a full circle.
Step Six: Clip the 6 inch circle together with the piece from step five and sew along the drawn line or with a 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Step Seven: Making sure the zipper is at least half way open repeat the same process on the other side with the other 6 inch circle piece. Then all that is left to do is flip it right side out!

So what do you think? I love that we are able to use our sewing skills to create one of a kind things like this DIY Circle Pouch. In a store, this would sell for a big price! Learning how to sew was one of my best decisions that I ever made.