2/28 | DIY Bejeweled Phone Case

Looking to add a little piazza to your life? This DIY Bejeweled Phone Case is the perfect way! Phone cases like this from a store will run you a pretty penny, or $50. You can make this one for $2. Its basically a no brainer!

Here is what you will need:

a plain black phone case (from the dollar store)
kids party jewelry (I found these with the party favor stuff)
Liquid Fusion

You will want to start by snipping the bracelets apart. Each bracelet has about 15 jewels. 4 bracelets will give you enough jewels for 2 phone cases. You can also buy these individually at a craft store or jewelry store but they will be much more expensive.

Now, arrange the jewels on the phone case. I chose to go with a more sporadic pattern but you could also line them up in straight rows. It is totally up to you, my friend!

Then, using Liquid Fusion, glue them down. This glue is super strong, so you won’t have to worry about them ever falling off!

I love this DIY Phone case. Its the perfect girly girl case and I just cannot get over how cheap it was to make! Don’t you just love saving lots of money by making things yourself? I find it so empowering!

If you make a DIY Bejeweled Phone Case , I would love to see it! Be sure to share it with us on or Facebook Page!