8/31 | DIY Secret Compartment Book

I have been wanting to make a DIY secret compartment book forever now and I finally did! It is definitely not as hard as it looks. I love how it looks when it is all finished and decorated. It is perfect for storing all the little things on my dresser. Keep reading to learn how you can make one too!

You will need: An old hardback book | Utility knife | Americana Decou-Page Tribal Paper | Americana Decou-Page Paper formula | Foam brush

Step 1:  Use a foam brush to apply the Americana Decou-Page Paper formula. Make sure to completely soak the edges of the pages. The paper formula is perfect for this because it is thin and can easily get in-between the pages. Let sit overnight.

Step 2: Using the utility knife, you are going to want to cut out a large rectangle in the middle of the pages. Leave about an inch around the perimeter. This step will take some time, but be patient and cut through a few pages at a time.

Step 3: Once you have the compartment as deep as you want, seal the inside with a coat of the Americana Decou-Page Paper formula.

Step 4: Time to Decorate! I used the new Americana Decou-Page Papers which are so fun! I chose the Tribal pack but they come in a variety of patterns – check them all out here. Apply an even layer of Decoupage Paper to the front cover.

Step 5: Place the Decoupage Paper on top and fold the excess in. I also added a strip of another pattern along the spine.

I absolutely love how it turned out! The cutting out of the pages did take some time, but it was so worth it. I think it would make a great gift too! Go grab a book off of your shelf that you can part with, and turn it into a fabulous DIY secret compartment book!

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