2/29 | DIY Stenciled Banner Wall Decor

I am always looking for new ways to decorate the plain gray walls in my room. I especially like incorporating words, sayings, or quotes into my room decor. Today I am sharing how I made this DIY Stenciled Banner Wall Decor. I think you’re going to love it!
You will need: white vinyl fabric | hot glue | DecoArt® Personally Yours Quirky Stencils | Americana® Multi-Surface Satin | rope | stencil brush | detail brush | scissors | wooden dowel

Step 1: Cut the banner shape out of the white vinyl fabric. You will want to cut a rectangle (16 by 14 inches) and then trim one of the ends to a point. 

Step 2: Stencil the quote onto the fabric using the stenciling brush and a pouncing motion. You will want to do a little planning ahead of time to make sure that whatever quote you choose will fit on your banner. Then figure out where you should start so that it is centered. I used the saying Hakuna Matata and painted the first word in Purple Sunset and the second in Shrimp. Americana Multi-Surface is definitely your safest bet for this type of material; it went on great!

Step 3: Add accents! I thought that my banner was needing a little something towards the bottom and this design that came in the Personally Yours stencil set was perfect!

Step 4: Touch Up! Using a small brush you can clean up the edges of your stenciling work.

Step 5: Flip the banner over and place the wooden dowel about 2 inches from top. Then apply hot glue above the dowel.

Step 6: Working quickly so that the glue does not dry, fold the top two inches over the dowel.

Step 7: To tint your rope, run it under water, place it in a cup and add a few drops of paint. This step is not really necessary, but I like the look better than the plain rope. I feel like it brings it all together.

Step 8: Tie the rope to both ends of the wooden dowel.

Now all that is left is to hang it up on your wall. I love the Hakuna Matata quote because it is the perfect reminder to be happy and not stress out! However, you could also use this same technique and make a banner that will be special to you. Use colors that will go well in your room too!

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