6/30 | Duck Tape Revamped Headphones

One of my favorite accessories and back to school musts are a good pair of headphones. I use them mostly when i’m doing homework or studying for a test. They’re great to jam out and keep me focused on my work. I take them with me everywhere, so I want them to be stylish! Most of the time really cute headphones are way over priced, so why not DIY! With the limitless patterns and styles of Duck Tape you’re sure to find one that fits your personality and shows your style. Let me show you how we made these Duck Tape Headphones!

Here’s What You’ll Need: Pair of Headphones | Tiger Stripe Duck Tape | Craft Knife | Craft Mat |

How To Make It:

Step 1: Lay a piece of the tape sticky side down onto your craft mat and cut thin strips.

Step 2: Use the thin strips to cover the flat surface on the ear of the headphones.

Step 3: Now, cut a strip of your tape to perfectly fit the band of the headphones.

Step 4: Enjoy jamming out in style!

Be sure to check out the video we made all about Duck Tape Accessories!