9/30 | DIY Crate Seats-Dorm Decor

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Hey, Everyone! Most people have moved into their dorms by now, including me. I hope you are all having an awesome school year so far. Dorm life is awesome but there seem to be two main problems across the board. A lack of seating and a lack of storage. You’re in luck because in this video & post we are going to solve both of those problems for you by showing you how to make these DIY Crate Seats. They are a great way to add dorm organization and make great dorm decor too.

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If you’d prefer to read the instructions, we have got you covered. Just keep reading to learn what and easy DIY project these DIY Crate Seats are.

1. Spray paint each plastic crate with metallic spray paint.

2. Head to the hardware store and have them cut a piece wood exactly the same size as the top of the crate. Then sand the edges when you get home.

3. Cut a piece of fabric and batting so that they have enough hangover to wrap around and staple to the back of your wood.

4. Cut your foam the same exact size as the wood.

5. Place the foam, batting, and fabric on top of the wood and flip them over. Now you’re going to want to grab a friend to help create your cushions! One will hold the fabric tightly in place and the other will staple your fabric down. Fold the edges inwards and pull tightly.

6. Cut your VELCRO® Brand Industrial Strength Sticky Back tape in half lengthwise to fit on the edges of the crates and apply.

7. Add your finished cushion on top.

I love how these crate seats turned out. You can store so much inside of them from books, to shoes, to games. Anything, I’m telling ya! When your friends come over to hang out or to study they’ll have a place to sit. They also make a great ottoman.

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